101 TikTok Fairy Comments to Copy and Paste (2024)

If you’ve been on TikTok for a while, you might have noticed fairy comments under some videos.

Like any other social media platform, the comment section can be a toxic place.

However, it can also be incredibly unique and hilariously entertaining.

For instance, the comment section in 9gag has a ton of traditions, where GIFs make up the majority of it.

On the other hand, Twitch chat is filled with copypastas and unique emotes.

On TikTok, the comment section has ever-changing trends due to the volatile nature of the app.

Despite this, fairy comments still remained fairly popular throughout the whole of 2020.

In this article, you’ll learn what are fairy comments, when to use them, and 101 funny, freaky, dirty, fairy comments to copy and paste.

  1. What are fairy comments on TikTok?
  2. When should you use fairy comments?
  3. TikTok fairy comments to copy and paste
  4. Dirty fairy comments on TikTok

What are fairy comments on TikTok?

101 TikTok Fairy Comments to Copy and Paste (1)

Fairy comments are sarcastic one-liners that you can leave under a TikTok video.

It usually starts off innocently, and ends with a twist.

This is an actual figure of speech called “Paraprosdokian” (originated from the Greek) which translates to “contrary to expectation”.

These passive-aggressive comments rose to popularity after a comment made by @barbzz4bernie went viral in March 2020.

The comment was also made into a tweet which garnered over 500k likes in a short period of time.

Since then, fairy comments have been trending on TikTok throughout the year.

As mean as they are, these comments are not meant to be taken seriously; but as a conveyance of pleasantry.

When should you use fairy comments?

You should use fairy comments on your “enemies” or on TikTok videos that you dislike.

They can also be used as Instagram comments under posts.

However, the most appropriate way to use fairy comments is on posts that already contain them.

TikTok fairy comments to copy and paste

  1. stop posting negative comments ✨⭐ i can’t stop liking them
  2. you dropped this ? put it back on your nose ✨
  3. i wish you were a flower ✨ so i could step on you ✨
  4. Love yourself!✨✨cuz we don’t
  5. As dory said “just keep swimming”✨ but i think it’s best if you drown
  6. God really do be choosing favorites ✨not you tho!
  7. imagine being that talented✨yea keep imagining❤️
  8. You remind me of my therapist ✨✨ just without the “the” ✨
  9. there’s always room for improvement ✨but not this room get out ?
  10. ✨just put your best foot forward off a bridge
  11. I tried to insult you ?✨ but nature already did ❤️
  12. Nice video! make sure to flip the camera around next time!! ✨and keep it that way ✨
  13. The sky is the limit ✨⛅️ stay on the ground
  14. Helen Keller didn’t chose to be blind ✨ I bet she would if she saw this though ?
  15. Nobody’s perfect especially you❤✨
  16. i see you’re using your creative outlet ✨ now stick a fork in it ⭐️
  17. God has a plan and yours was plan b ✨
  18. You can do anything you put your mind to ✨ just not this ⭐️
  19. you blew me away ✨ i dont wanna come back✨
  20. reach for the stars ✨ but i hope you fall trying
  21. A swing ✨ But for your neck ⚡
  22. Hang the painting ✨ then yourself✨
  23. My daughter said she loved your videos! ? So I put her up for adoption ?
  24. I love cows ?✨ I just didn’t know they made Tiktoks ✨
  25. You tried your best ?✨ but it wasnt good enough ?✨
  26. confidence is key ✨ throw the key away ?
  27. musically said to live with passion ? But you shouldn’t live at all ?
  28. you snapped ?✨ make sure next time it’s your neck
  29. You tried your best ?✨but it wasnt good enough ?✨
  30. Make it cancer ?✨ but not the zodiac ?♋️
  31. Cancer ✨ but make it ✨terminal✨
  32. A camp ✨? but make it concentration ?
  33. ✨Are you pepper spray ? cause your face is making my eyes burn
  34. You go girl! ?✨ no like seriously leave ?
  35. Go on a cruise ✨ make sure it’s the titanic ✨
  36. ? if god doesn’t make mistakes ? then who the hell made you
  37. ✨Katy perry said that there’s a spark in you ? pour gasoline on it✨
  38. ✨ im glad you came out of your comfort zone! ? Now go back there ?
  39. Organ✨ but make it failure ✨
  40. shoot for the stars ✨next time aim for your head ✨
  41. here’s a door for new opportunities ? i locked it just for you ?
  42. my moms a vet ✨ she said she’s gonna put you down ?
  43. ✨If you want to see something ✨pretty ✨ don’t look in the mirror ❤️
  44. ❤️You are like a ray of sunshine ? You hurt people’s eyes ❤️
  45. ✨? it’s getting late you should go to bed,✨ but never wake up ✨
  46. Sue ?✨but add aside✨
  47. ✨racism isn’t a joke ✨but you are
  48. Sis you popped off! ? So did my eyes ?
  49. dont listen to your haters ? agree with them ?
  50. You aren’t a clown ?⚡️You’re the entire circus✨
  51. chill its just a joke ? like your life✨
  52. Great video✨Next time turn the camera off✨❤️
  53. I’m pro-life ✨ except for your life ✨
  54. You dropped this ? oh wait that can’t be yours, you don’t have one!
  55. Everyone has value ? you just fell short ?
  56. Bungee jump ❤️✨ but without a rope✨
  57. I love short videos ✨ except when they’re coming from you ✨
  58. U look tired ? sit on a chair ? just make it electric
  59. anyone that pretty should be arrested ✨ good news you’re never going to jail ✨
  60. I hope you’re in Spain ? the s is silent⭐
  61. i was having a bad day ? this made it worse ?
  62. ✨bob ross always said there’s no such thing as bad accidents, ✨he clearly never met you ✨
  63. ⭐️ Hahaha I died✨ your turn ✨
  64. good morning✨ to everyone except for you✨
  65. i love ur cotton shirt✨✨did u pick it yourself
  66. i loved that part ❤️the part when it ended✨
  67. everyone makes mistakes ✨ your mom made the biggest
  68. You’re here for a reason ? I’m still trying to find it ✨
  69. just hang in there ✨ then kick the chair over ?
  70. You’re going places ❤️ hopefully it’s 6ft under✨
  71. I’m catching these vibes✨next time your gonna catch these hands ?
  72. this was fire ? now jump in ✨
  73. you’re on my fyp ✨ time to refresh
  74. drop the workout routine✨seriously, drop it it’s not working ?
  75. change yourself ✨ but the c and e are silent✨?
  76. words cant describe you ✨ but numbers can, 0/10 ?
  77. ✨everyone makes mistakes ✨but you’re parents made a big one ✨

Dirty fairy comments on TikTok

101 TikTok Fairy Comments to Copy and Paste (3)

78. ✨there used to be eight planets ? but now there are 7 because I smashed Uranus ✨

79. Are you an elevator? cuz ✨ I wanna go up and down on you ?

80. ✨I’m an Oreo ? Now fill me with your cream✨

81. ✨are you a roller coaster ✨ because the faster you go the louder I scream ✨

82. ✨i’m the starbucks ❤ now put the straw in ✨

83. I heard egg plants we’re good ? can I try yours ?

84. ✨I’m a bus ? now put ur kids in me

85. I have cake ⭐️✨ Now stick your candle in it and put ur icing on it ⭐️✨

86. ⭐✨ i’m vegan ✨⭐ but your meat is an exception ✨⭐

87. you made my whole week ❤️ now make my hole weak

88. ? I’m the waitress ❤️ now show me your tip

89. I’m a violin ✨put your fingers on me and i’ll make an amazing sound✨

90. ✨ I’m an ice cream cone, fill me up✨

91. I’ve 206 bones in my body✨wanna make it 207 ?

92. ✨I’m like homework✨✨slam me against the table and do me✨

93. Let’s do some math ? add a bed ? subtract our clothes ✨divide my legs✨ and multiply

94. I’m a bowling ball?✨put 3 fingers inside of me ✨?✨

95. do you like to draw✨? because i would let you give me the d raw ?

96. I’m a wonka bar ✨❤️put your golden ticket inside of me ?

97. i’m no rapunzel ? but i’ll let you pull my hair ❤️

98. Let’s play rock paper scissors ✨but leave out the rock and paper ✨

99. you’re like nike ? i’m mcdonald’s ✨ you’re doing it⚡️ i’m loving it ☀️

100. ✨✌✨I’m ketchup now dip ur fries In me❤️✌✨

101. ? i like ur fit ✨ but it would look better on my bedroom floor✨


Whether you like it or not, TikTok fairy comments won’t go away any time soon.

The trend has lasted for several months and it has shown no signs of decline.

Which fairy comment is your favorite?

Or is there any comment that I missed out on?

Either way, drop me a message @followchainorg on Instagram!

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Author:Lim How Weiis the founder ofFollowchain. Feel free tofollow him on Instagram.


101 TikTok Fairy Comments to Copy and Paste (2024)


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