How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids That Goes Viral (2022)

How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids That Goes Viral (1)

Do you know what video has the most views on YouTube? If you answered "Baby Shark Dance'' by Pinkfong Kid's Songs & Stories, you'd be correct. At the time this article was originally written, the video already had 11 billion views. Many of the most popular videos of all time have a child-centric aim.

But it’s not just adults entertaining kids that are getting all the views. A Pew Research study in 2019 revealed that videos featuring children age 13 or younger were by far the most popular on YouTube.

Maybe your child has dreams of becoming a YouTuber, but you don’t know how to start a YouTube channel for kids. This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to start a YouTube channel for kids. Here's everything you need to know to get started making videos today.

  • What is YouTube Kids?
  • How to Create Viral Content for a YouTube Kids Channel
  1. Find a Niche
  2. Plan Your Videos
  3. What Equipment do You Need to Start a YouTube Kids Channel?
  4. Optimize Your Content
  5. Share Your Content
  6. Focus on the Community
  • How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids
    1. Understand Why Your Kid Wants a Channel
    2. Know the Rules
    3. How to Set Up a YouTube Kids Channel
    4. Set Privacy and Safety Settings
    5. Watch Everything They Do
    6. Set Limits
    7. Help Them Make Videos
  • Download the Best Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software for Free
  • How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids FAQ
  • What is YouTube Kids?

    YouTube Kids is an app separate from regular YouTube that only contains kid-friendly content. It means parents can leave the room while a child is watching and not have to worry. YouTube Kids offers a safer experience for kid viewers.

    YouTube Kids goes a step further by allowing parents to choose what content their children can watch, block specific videos/channels, or only allow videos rated for a certain age. Parents can also set a timer to limit screen time on YouTube Kids.

    There are a lot of rules for creators who are learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids that want their videos included on the app. Videos are either labeled Preschool (appropriate for age 4 and under), Younger (ages 5-8), or Older (9-12). There are content policies all videos must adhere to if they are to be included in any of these categories. For a full list of policies for YouTube Kids, click here. To find out how to start a YouTube channel for kids, keep reading!

    How to Create Viral Content for a YouTube Kids Channel

    Find a Niche

    Every YouTube Kids channel needs a central theme. What are the videos about, and what makes them different from other content? The answer will help you find your niche. Here's an overview of the most popular niches for YouTube Kids channels, and the first step in learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

    Arts and Crafts: Your kid gets to create things with their hands while educating viewers. The father on Art for Kids Hub always has one of his kids draw with him. That way viewers can see the same character drawn by both a professional artist and a child, which makes it less intimidating for both the kids and adults who might be attempting it!

    Lifestyle Vlogs: Capture a day-in-the-life of your family like the popular YouTube Kids channel Shot of the Yeagers.

    Gaming: Young gamers, like Ethan Gamer, have made a name for themselves on YouTube Kids playing well-known PC, mobile, and console games.

    Skits: This could mean creating their own version of a popular film like Ninja Kidz TV, or coming up with a unique concept. Father and son duo LB and Aaron created T Rex Ranch, a fictional dinosaur park where they worked as Park Rangers. It started as just the two of them, running around their home wearing park ranger vests, with Mom running the camera. Now, it’s a series on Netflix.

    Toy Unboxing and Toy Reviews: If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that kids love watching other kids open toys. Give your child a chance to play with and/or share their opinions on popular toys, something that EvanTubeHD has mastered.

    *If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel for kids that gets included on YouTube Kids, please check the policy guidelines to see what kind of toy videos are allowed.

    Choose a niche for YouTube Kids you and your child will enjoy that also speaks to their strengths. If you are having fun, the audience will too! Read below for the next step in learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

    Plan Your Videos

    A little preparation goes a long way when creating YouTube Kids videos. Teach your child how to start a YouTube channel for kids and have them come up with a list of ideas. That way, if you have writer's block later, you'll have something to fall back on.

    Watch other videos that have gone viral on YouTube Kids for inspiration. Try and figure out what elements of the video made it so popular with viewers. While you don’t want to copy someone else, it could help spark ideas. If you would like your videos shown on YouTube Kids, you also need to research the content policies to find out how to start a YouTube channel for kids that follows the proper guidelines.

    You should also consider when, where, and how you're going to make the video. Do you need special equipment? Do you need other people? Are costumes or props necessary? Answering these questions can help make the shoot go smoothly and keep costs down.

    What Equipment do You Need to Start a YouTube Kids Channel?

    We've touched on the first stage of how to start a YouTube channel for kids, also known as pre-production. Now, it's time to shoot the material. If you haven't made videos before, here's some of the equipment you should have on hand.


    How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids That Goes Viral (2)

    The right camera and lights are essential to creating great content and building your channel. If you want a budget-friendly option, consider using the built-in camera on your smartphone. If you're looking for a slightly more refined look and feel, check out the products from Canon, Sony, and DJI.

    Proper lighting can enhance your channel's production value. This can be as simple as shooting with natural light outside or using a ring light. If you want to go the extra mile, three-point lighting serves as a straightforward and more professional way to light people. All you need is a key as your main source, a fill to brighten the shadows, and a backlight all spaced out in a triangle around your subject.

    If you are a beginner learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids, check out Best Lighting Equipment for YouTube for more information.


    The best microphone for your channel will depend on your production style. If you plan on shooting different types of videos, it doesn't hurt to have more than one mic on hand. The three most common microphones include XLR studios, lavaliers, and shotgun mics.

    USB or XLR studio mics work well if you want to record a voiceover during post-production. If you're going to record sound during a shoot, consider using a lavalier, especially if the subject doesn't move around a lot during filming. However, if there's a lot of action in your vlog or lifestyle video, shotgun mics are your best friend.

    An Easy-to-Use Free Video Editing Software

    Every good video requires video editing. Make click-worthy content for YouTube Kids with help from PowerDirector. The all-in-one video editing software offers the right combination of performance, interface, and features for users of all skill levels. It’s perfect for beginners who are just learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

    PowerDirector features a dynamic suite of tools that deliver professional-grade results. The intuitive design allows you to edit, create titles, and add motion graphics. It even comes with hundreds of free effects, stickers, and sounds so that you can add personal style to the final video. Plus, there’s a built-in stock library for videos, photos, and music powered by Shutterstock. Ideal for kids so they can find content for their videos without having to search on the internet. And all stock is royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about your video being removed due to copyright infringement. For more information on editing videos for YouTube, click here.

    Whether you are just learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids or you already run a successful channel, click the button below to download PowerDirector for free today and start making professional-looking videos in no time at all.

    Optimize Your Content

    One of the most important things you need to know when learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids is how to optimize your content. Optimizing content for YouTube is a science. The right keyword in your title or description could make all the difference in going viral.

    YouTube videos have a description limit of 1,000 characters. Use this space to your advantage. The space provides an opportunity to talk about the video in detail and include links to relevant sources, like a toy with a positive review. The description also makes it easier for people to find the video on YouTube.

    Don't forget to spend time honing the thumbnail and title. According to The Creator Academy, 90% of the best-performing YouTube videos have customized thumbnails. Check out our article on YouTube thumbnails if you are learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids.

    Additionally, a catchy title can persuade potential viewers to click on a link and discover your channel. Look at what the most popular channels in your genre name their videos. Pay attention to their capitalization, punctuation, and word choice.

    Most importantly, make sure your title and description are an accurate reflection of the video and not just click-bait, which will hurt your channel’s credibility and keep you banned from YouTube Kids. If you are learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids, click here to learn more about how YouTube defines click-bait.

    Share Your Content

    Another important part of how to start a YouTube channel for kids is learning how to market your channel. It's not enough to simply create videos and hope that people will find them. You have to put in some elbow grease. That means sharing and promoting the YouTube channel online and in person.

    Start by sharing videos with friends and family members. These individuals will be your biggest supporters and provide the moral support to keep making content. They can also offer some friendly suggestions for future videos and ways to optimize the channel.

    Create and maintain an Instagram account for your channel where you can post behind-the-scenes photos, sneak peeks of new videos, and post announcements. One day soon you could be sharing how to start a YouTube channel for kids with your followers!

    Focus on the Community

    Focusing on community engagement is one of the most effective ways to grow a YouTube channel. It shows that you listen to your audience and want to appease them. Make sure that no matter how popular your channel gets, you always create videos that make your audience feel like insiders.

    Videos on YouTube Kids don’t have comments or other community features turned on. But you can find several ways to build a tight-knit community nonetheless. You can have inside jokes or create your own words. You can also highlight the things you have in common with your viewers, whether that's a love of exploring nature or playing video games.

    How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids

    How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids That Goes Viral (3)

    Understand Why Your Kid Wants a Channel

    It’s not just about HOW to start a YouTube channel for kids, but also WHY.

    When you think about it, having a YouTube Kids channel isn't much different from a talent show. It allows kids to showcase their talents, thoughts, and interests. YouTube Kids provides a platform for children to express themselves that didn't exist for previous generations.

    Maybe your kid wants a channel so you can spend more quality time together! Almost every popular YouTube Kids channel features families together - from parents gaming with their kids

    (HobbyFamilyTV), to family vacations, and funny sketches (KidsFunTV).

    Know the Rules

    If you want to know how to start a YouTube channel for kids, first you need to understand the platform rules. YouTube doesn't allow children under 13 to create their own accounts. If you have a child between the ages of 13 and 17, they'll need parental permission before starting their channel.

    YouTube changed its guidelines for “Made for Kids” channels after it received a hefty fine from the FTC. These guidelines forbid kids channels from having personalized ads or “donate” buttons on the screen. For a full list of the restrictions, click here.

    YouTube Kids has its own set of rules that is separate even from “Made for Kids” content on regular YouTube. Be sure to read the rules thoroughly to learn how to start a YouTube channel for kids if you want to be included in the app.

    How to Set Up a YouTube Kids Channel

    How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids That Goes Viral (4)

    You can’t sign up your channel directly to be on YouTube Kids. First, you need a regular YouTube account. Start making family-friendly content and your channel will be included on YouTube Kids after an approval process. Read below to learn how to start a YouTube channel for kids on the YouTube homepage.

    1. Set up a Gmail account. You can use a parent’s Gmail account if you already have one.
    2. While logged into your Gmail account, go to the YouTube Homepage and click Select My Channel.
    3. Select the name that will be associated with the YouTube kids channel. You can select the option Do not use their real/whole names if you have privacy concerns about using your child's full name.
    4. Set Privacy and Safety settings.

    Set Privacy and Safety Settings

    Knowing how to keep your child safe is an important part of learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids. You have the option to make your child’s videos Public, Private, or Unlisted. Public means that anyone can see the videos. This is the setting you want to choose if you are hoping the channel goes viral and starts making money.

    Private videos require an invite. Maybe you want a way to share long videos of your child with friends and family. YouTube is a great free way to upload large files, and with this setting, only those who get the link can see it.

    Unlisted videos are viewable and shareable, but they don't appear in searches. This is an option for kids who really want to be YouTubers, but the parents aren’t so sure it’s a good idea. Your friends and family are free to share with their friends and family, but the videos aren’t going to go viral.

    There are other customizable privacy and safety settings as well. Do you want people to comment on videos? Do you want people to share the URL? You can select "yes" or "no" to these options to ensure that the channel settings align with your views.

    Your child's safety should be the number one concern when learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids. You should err on the side of caution because you can always ease the privacy settings later.

    Watch Everything They Do

    There are additional safety and privacy settings every parent should know when learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids. For example, one feature allows parents to watch the video before anyone else. This safeguard lets adults screen content before letting it go live.

    Even if you don't use the first-viewer feature, you should watch the content your child creates. The last thing you want is for them to disclose sensitive information, like their full name or where you live.

    Set Limits

    Parents can also change the amount of recording time. YouTube allows parents to limit screen activity so that children spend time doing other things. While there's no perfect time limit, we recommend 30 to 60 minutes.

    Help Them Make Videos

    Your kids will need lots of help from you to learn how to start a YouTube channel for kids. They will need your help not only setting up the channel and posting the videos but creating watchable content as well. Enjoy spending time with your kids and create cool, kid-friendly content in the process!

    Download the Best Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software for Free

    Learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids has never been easier. Thanks to software like PowerDirector, you can create branded videos that engage audiences through compelling storytelling and crisp visuals.

    You don’t need any prior editing experience to make professional-looking YouTube Kids videos with PowerDirector. It’s so easy to use, even a kid can do it! But that’s not to say it isn’t packed with cinematic features and advanced tools. As your YouTube following grows, so will your knowledge of video editing, and PowerDirector will grow with you.

    PowerDirector comes with pre-made templates for YouTube intros and outros so you can finish your video quickly. It also has a stock library with music you are free to use in your videos without worry.

    Learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids is stressful! Take the stress off of post-production by clicking the link below and downloading Powerdirector for free today.

    Learn More

    Free Download
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    Download from the App Store for iOS and Android.

    How to Start a YouTube Channel for Kids FAQ

    1. Can YouTube Channels for Kids Make Money?

    Absolutely. Kids channels are some of the most lucrative on YouTube.

    Think about how often kids watch the same feature-length film over and over and over…you get the idea. Now quadruple that number for how many times just one kid will watch a single YouTube video.

    And repeat-watching isn’t the only way kids channels make money. Many kids channels revolve around unboxing, playing with, and reviewing toys, and therefore get sponsorships from toy companies and movie studios. Merchandising is also a huge money-maker.

    However, as of 2020, YouTube banned targeted advertising, community features, and comments from any videos labeled ‘Made for Kids.’ The new rules make it harder for kid videos to monetize the way they used to. That doesn’t mean you can’t sell merchandise or post unboxing videos, but be sure to read YouTube’s guidelines on how to start a YouTube channel for kids for the proper way to do this.

    2. Can Kids Start Their Own YouTube Channel?

    No. Children under 13 cannot have their own YouTube accounts, and children 13-17 need parental consent to start a kids channel.

    3. Who is the Most Popular Kid YouTuber?

    Anastasia Radzinskaya, aka Nastya, is a 7-year-old from Russia with 5 YouTube Channels. Her kids channel Like Nastya has 99.2 million subscribers to date. Her videos appeal to a global audience since they include little speaking and have been translated into 7 languages. She also has a line of toys available at Target.

    4. How Do Kids Grow YouTube Channels?

    While the parent is going to do a lot of the heavy-lifting to help grow their kids channel, such as coming up with titles, getting brand sponsorships, and keeping up the social media page, there are things kids can do to help!

    The biggest thing your child can do is show up ready to work. There will be times they need to memorize lines or shoot a scene more than once. As a parent, you know it can be impossible just to get them to smile for a photo! That’s why choosing a niche that will appeal to your child is so important. You don’t want it to be like pulling teeth just to get a video done.

    Popular channels have regular video releases, usually weekly. Even if you start out releasing once a month, your child will need to set aside time to work on the video.

    They can also be instrumental in keeping up with the latest YouTube trends since they are probably watching a lot of YouTube Kids themselves, and getting feedback on favorite videos from kids at school. Teach your child everything they need to know about how to start a YouTube channel for kids so they can help more as they get older.

    5. What Type of YouTube Videos Get Viewed Most for Kids?

    Nursery rhyme videos are some of the most watched YouTube videos overall, and the most watched on YouTube Kids.

    However, if you are learning how to start a YouTube channel for kids that features kids, the top videos in that category are toy videos. Toy videos come in many shapes and sizes. Some videos open toys found in a “giant surprise egg” while others unwrap them like presents. Other videos make a fun story around playing with the toy, like Extreme Toys TV.

    6. Who is the Highest Paid Child YouTuber?

    Ryan Kaji is a ten-year-old boy who primarily reviews toys online. His parents started his account when he was only 3 years old to share videos with long-distance family. Today, Ryan's World has more than 32 million subscribers and 45.9 billion views (not to mention a merchandise line available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon)! Ryan makes an estimated $30 million a year.

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