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“Weakest Link”- 2NDS.F.

P: Eddie (air traffic controller in Cranston, RI), Stephanie (children’s book author orig. from POR, OR), Jennifer (demolition contractor in Boynton Beach), Sarah (interior designer in ATL), Gabby (biology student in Aurora, CO who’s also a black belt in karate & Tae Kwon Do), Curtis (human resources specialist & drag queen orig. from Williamsburg, KY), Walter (bartender in D.C.) & Andrew (server at sushi place in Oakland)

Acc. to the nursery rhyme “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled…” what?
Eddie: “…eggs”
On St. Patrick’s Day it’s tradition to pinch people for not wearing what color?
Stephanie: Green
C-cups or K-cups: which are the single-serve pods that go into KEURIG containers?
Jennifer: K-cups
When a player scores 3 times in an ice hockey game it’s called a what?
Sarah: Hat trick
Rapper Armando Christian Perez performs under what canine name?
Gabby: Big Sean
Since 2013 Cory Booker has been a senator representing what state?
Curtis: NJ
Man buns or ladyfingers: which should you expect to find in your tiramisu?
Walter: LadyfingersBANK
L.A. is infamous for what form of air pollution which’s a combination of the words “fog” & “smoke”?
Andrew: SmogBANK
What song made famous by Ray Anthony’s big band told you to “put your right foot in” before shaking it “all about”?
Eddie: “The Hokey Pokey”
Yorkshire, Scottish & Airedale all share what common dog breed name?
Stephanie: Terrier
What cosmetic co.’s iconic slogan is “Because you’re worth it”?
Jennifer: Estee Lauder (A: L’OREAL)
What Tony-winning musical told the story of the witches in the land of Oz before Dorothy arrived?
Sarah: “WICKED”
Jumping Spider & Salmon Ladder have been obstacles feat. on what reality competition show?
Gabby: “American Ninja Warrior”BANK
What classic comic strip by Bill Watterson was partially inspired by 16th C. theologian John Calvin?
Curtis: PEANUTS (A: Calvin and Hobbes)
What German athletic sportswear co. is famous for its “three stripes” logo?
Walter: adidas BANK
An ancient Greek term for “wise fool” is believed to give us what word for a 2nd-yr college student?
Andrew: Sophomore
“Forged by the Sea” is the latest slogan of which branch of the U.S. military?

Votes: Gabby/Curtis/Eddie/Eddie/Eddie/Eddie/Eddie/Jennifer

Cinco de Mayo falls on what date?
Andrew: May 5th
If I order a BLT but I tell ’em to hold the B what 2 ingredients are in my sandwich?
Stephanie: Lettuce & tomatoBANK
In her breakout video “Mooo!” Doja Cat repeats that she’s what animal?
Jennifer: Cat
What country’s astronauts are known as taikonauts?
Sarah: Taiwan (A: China)
In ’06 what video-sharing startup did Google buy for $1.65B?
Gabby: YouTube
Venus Williams or Venus de Milo: which is more likely to get tennis elbow?
Curtis: Venus Williams
The coin on your screen has whose face on the other side?
Walter: Andrew Jackson (A: FDR)
In language what literary device compares 2 things using the word “like” or “as”?
Andrew: Thesaurus (A: Simile)
What popular TV series starred Sandra Oh as the title character who chased an assassin named Villanelle?
Stephanie: Sandra Bullock (A: “Killing Eve”)
Using only 1 shirt & 1 tie at a time how many different combinations can you create w/ 4 shirts & 6 ties?
Jennifer: 20 (A: 24)
Erect since 1965 what’s the tallest man-made monument in the U.S.?
Sarah: Empire State Building (A: Gateway Arch)
What classic film inspired the religion known as “Dudeism”?
Gabby: “The Hangover” (A: “The Big Lebowski”)
In language what’s the singular form of the word “fungi”?
Curtis: FungusBANK
Which model of Converse basketball shoe was named for a player on the Akron Firestones?
Walter: The Birds (A: Chuck Taylor)

Votes: Sarah/Sarah/Stephanie/Andrew/Stephanie/Jennifer/Jennifer

In her ’03 hit song Kelis promised which beverage of hers would bring “all the boys to the yard”?
Curtis: “Milkshake”
The athlete on your screen’s playing what position?
Walter: GoalieBANK
Acc. to Merriam-Webster the slang term “chillax” combines the word “chill” w/ what other word?
Andrew: Relax
Rocker Marcus Mumford’s married to what star of the movie “Promising Young Woman”?
Jennifer: X (A: Carey Mulligan)
Ebony or Ivory: which’s a soap that claims to be 99 44/100% pure?
Sarah: Ivory
By definition a podiatrist specializes in the treatment of what body part?
Gabby: FeetBANK
“The Big O” is a nickname for what largest city in Nebraska?
Curtis: Omaha
In ’18 what R&B female artist became the 1st person nominated for an OSCAR for acting & original song in the same yr?
Walter: Rihanna (A: Mary J. Blige)
The tiny insect on your screen has what monstrous name?
Andrew: Moth (A: Dragonfly)
What TV host holds the NFL record for most sacks in a season?
Jennifer: Deion Sanders (A: Michael Strahan)
Cyndi Lauper won a Tony for writing the score of what Broadway musical?
Sarah: “Kinky Boots”BANK
Stars or stripes: which typically appear on 7 of the balls in 8-ball pool?
Gabby: StripesBANK
Which 1 of the “Children” from “Married…with Children” was removed from this photo?
Curtis: Christina ApplegateBANK
No time for: What pro skier became the 1st woman to win medals at 6 different world championships? (A: Lindsey Vonn)

Votes: Andrew/Jennifer/Jennifer/Jennifer/Jennifer/Jennifer

Though it won 11 OSCARS what ’97 film did the Washington Post review by saying “OK, sink already”?
Curtis: “TITANIC”
What office supply store sells a red button you can press to make a voice say “That was easy”?
What H word’s a Gen Z term for the symbol your parents know as the pound sign?
Andrew: Hashtag
Idol or Legend: who’s had 4 top 10 singles in the U.S.?
Sarah: Legend
In what country was the mojito cocktail invented?
Gabby: Mexico (A: Cuba)
In ’13 Salma Hayek earned an OSCAR nomination for portraying what Mexican painter?
Curtis: Frida Kahlo
Alphabetically speaking which comes 1st: the chicken or the egg?
Walter: Chicken BANK
If you want to visit the Gobi Desert you have to go be in either China or what neighboring country?
Andrew: Russia (A: Mongolia)
Which common computer font got its name from the Latin word for “Swiss”?
Sarah: Ariel (A: Helvetica)
This actress & these Pepperidge Farm cookies have what name in common?
Gabby: Milano
If you incl. commercials what’s the max number of “60 MINUTES” eps you could binge-watch in a day?
Curtis: 24BANK
What former NBA star has made multiple trips to North Korea to hang out w/ Kim Jong Un?
Walter: Dennis RodmanBANK
“Mingle All the Way” & “Fir Crazy” were 2 of the holiday movies that aired on what cable network?
Andrew: Lifetime (A: Hallmark Channel)

Votes: Andrew/Sarah/Sarah/Sarah/Sarah

“Gesundheit” is a word that orig. in what language?
Walter: German
Ferris Wheel or carousel: which was named for its designer?
Andrew: Carousel
Chewing it or charbroiling it: what are you do if you’re masticating your meat?
Gabby: Charbroiling it
What MARVEL movie starring Paul Rudd used the tagline “Heroes don’t get any bigger”?
Curtis: “Ant-Man”
Unity, Destiny & Columbus are modules on what orbiting structure?
Walter: Satellite (A: International Space Station)
The co. formed for Muhammad Ali was named G.O.A.T. which stands for what 4-word phrase?
Andrew: “Greatest of All Time”BANK
These 2 famous faces were both born in what country?
Gabby: India (A: South Africa)
What Welsh singer was the only person to sing the theme songs in 3 James Bond movies?
Curtis: Adele (A: Shirley Bassey)
Seven or Eleven: which’s a main character on “Stranger Things”?
Walter: ElevenBANK
In the unlikely event you’re on a 1st-name basis w/ the Duke of Cambridge what would his 1st name be?
Andrew: Prince (A: William)
What Nobel Prize-winning Colombian novelist wrote One Hundred Years of Solitude?
Gabby: X (A: Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
No time for: Sex, drugs & stocks were at the center of what Jordan Belfort memoir later adapted into a Leo DiCaprio movie? (A: The Wolf of Wall Street)

Votes: Walter/Andrew/Gabby/Gabby

McDonald’s fans freak out whenever it brings back what menu item that’s pork covered in BBQ sauce?
Walter: McRibBANK
Easter always falls on which day of the wk?
Andrew: Sun.
What J word’s a fictional creature that’s the mascot for the Univ. of Kansas?
Curtis: Jayhawk
Which President was the 1st to occupy the Executive Mansion now known as the White House?
Walter: Jefferson (A: Adams)
Acc. to the popular mnemonic device “I before E except after…” what letter?
Andrew: V (A: C)
What’s the 1st element on the periodic table?
Curtis: Hydrogen
Olivia Colman received an OSCAR for Best Actress in 2019 for playing Queen Anne in what film?
Walter: “Queen Anne” (A: “The Favorite”)
Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution establishes what formal body whose vote decides the presidency?
Andrew: Democratic Party (A: Electoral College)
Former Miss World Priyanka Chopra married which Jonas brother?
Curtis: Joe (A: Nick)
After gaining its independence in 2011 what country became internationally recognized as the newest country in the world?
TIME (A: South Sudan)(Final bank: $43.5K)

Votes: Walter/Curtis/Curtis


What legendary U.S. highway once ran from Chicago to Santa Monica?
Andrew: Route 66
The singer who got over a billion views on YouTube for his song “Gangnam Style” is known by what 3-letter name?
Walter: PSY

Since 1920 what state has traditionally held the 1st primary elections of the presidential race?
Andrew: OH (A: NH)
In Greek mythology what winged horse was turned into a constellation in the northern sky by Zeus?
Walter: Pegasus

Spotify paid over $100M to exclusively stream the podcast of what UFC commentator & comedian?
Andrew: Joe Rogan
In geography the Harlem River forms the border between the Bronx & which other NYC borough?
Walter: Harlem (A: Manhattan)

Who holds the record for most OSCAR nominations for an actress w/o ever winning 1?
Andrew: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (A: Glenn Close)
In 1983 who became the 1st American woman in space?
Walter: Dorothy Dandridge (A: Sally Ride)

Founded in 1693 what VA university was named for the king & queen of England at the time?
Andrew: Virginia Tech (A: William & Mary)
Co-founder by insect collection Ben Silbermann what image-sharing social network bills itself as a “visual discovery engine”?
Walter: Pinterest


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 6/20

P: Lindsey (health education assistant in Yorba Linda), Victoria (pharmacy school grad in Raritan, NJ), Preston (nonprofit worker in Charleston, SC who owns a dog named Channing Tatum), Tony (electrical engineer in S.D.), Pavel (registered nurse in NYC who’s a newlywed), Angela (project coordinator at the United Nations from Paoli, PA), Ricky (horror/suspense novelist in Baltimore who grew up on a state park where his dad was a ranger) & Jessica (toy collector in Durham, NC)

For nearly 30yrs what friendly purple dinosaur sang “I love you, you love me”?
Lindsey: “Barney”
What article of clothing must you be wearing if I just gave you an atomic wedgie?
Victoria: Underwear
Rice or Beans: who was National Security Advisor under George W. Bush?
Preston: RiceBANK
If you B.S. your way to a B.S. degree it means you’ve earned a Bachelor of what?
Tony: Science
What major electronics co. uses the slogan “Life’s Good”?
Pavel: RadioShack (A: LG)
What vengeful singer had #1 hits titled “Bad Blood” & “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”?
Angela: Taylor SwiftBANK
What punctuation mark came at the end of the movie titles “SHAZAM!” & “MAMMA MIA!”?
Ricky: !
Neil deGrasse Tyson was being a real astrophysicist when he helped downgrade what former planet to “dwarf” status?
Jessica: Neptune (A: Pluto)
Penguins or Polar Bears: which’s a team in the NHL?
Lindsey: Penguins
What part of a blouse or top comes in styles such as Peter Pan & pilgrim?
Victoria: CollarBANK
What Z word’s another term for pimple?
Preston: Zit
1st opened in 1972 what restaurant chain got its name from a #1 single by the Rolling Stones?
Tony: X (A: Ruby Tuesday)
A big dam structure on the Colorado River was named for what 31st President of the U.S.?
Pavel: Hoover BANK
Ang Lee won his 1st directing OSCAR for what movie about a love affair between 2 sheepherders in WY?
Angela: “Nomadland” (A: “Brokeback Mountain”)
What type of “beer” is traditionally used to make a Moscow Mule?
Ricky: Lager (A: Ginger)
What K word’s an Australian mammal that eats a diet of eucalyptus?
Jessica: Kangaroo
What ’60s sci-fi TV show 1st introduced viewers to Vulcans & Klingons?

Votes: Tony/Jessica/Jessica/Ricky/Jessica/Tony/Jessica/Tony

What classic game have you won if your queen just put your opponent in checkmate?
Lindsey: ChessBANK
Acc. to the classic Christmas song which parts of Frosty the Snowman’s body were made out of coal?
Victoria: Eyes
What airline’s ads showed people in embarrassing situations followed by the tagline “Wanna get away?”?
Preston: United (A: Southwest)
The phrase “Jump the shark” came from an ep. where Fonzie water skied over an actual shark on what sitcom?
Tony: “Happy Days”
What P word’s a heavy woolen navy jacket traditionally worn by Navy sailors?
Pavel: Peacoat
Which of the 4 faces on Mt. Rushmore wasn’t visible in this picture?
Angela: Washington (A: Lincoln)
What song from “Moulin Rouge!” incl. the lyrics “gitchie gitchie ya ya da da”?
Ricky: “Let’s Get Loud”
If you’ve posted nothing but TikTok challenges once a day for 5 full wks how many videos did you upload?
Lindsey: 35
Deion Sanders or Bernie Sanders: who score an NFL touchdown & hit a MLB homer in the same wk?
Victoria: Deion BANK
What French impressionist painted “Woman Combing Her Hair” & was known for his portraits of ballerinas?
Preston: Degas
What’s the alliterative term for the style of jumping rope being demonstrated here?
Tony: Double DutchBANK
A pasta alternative known as “zoodles” are noodle-like strips made from what vegetable?
Pavel: Zucchini
What “Savage” female rapper won Best New Artist at the 2021 Grammys?
Angela: Cardi B (A: Megan Thee Stallion)
No time for: On what Jewish holiday is it tradition to open your front door to let a ghost join your seder? (A: Passover)

Votes: Ricky/Tony/Angela/Angela/Angela/Ricky/Preston- ANGELA

Back when BLOCKBUSTER was a thing their videos had a sticker that read “Be Kind, Please…” what?
Pavel: “…Rewind”
What B word’s the pro trained to make your lattes & espressos at STARBUCKS?
Ricky: BaristaBANK
What was the last name of Ben Stiller’s character in “Meet the Parents”?
Lindsey: FockerBANK
What’s the common name of the critter on your screen that can rotate its head 180° to the left or right?
Victoria: Praying mantis
What Golden State Warriors player holds the NBA record for the most 3-pointers in a single game?
Preston: Steph Curry (A: Klay Thompson)
G.I. JOE or G.I. tract: which one’s initials stand for “gastrointestinal”?
Tony: G.I. tract
The 1982 hit song “The Safety Dance” was released by what band?
Pavel: Hazard Dance (A: Men Without Hats)
Ask Jen Psaki a question & she’ll answer it since she holds what title at the White House?
Ricky: Press SecretaryBANK
Cincinnati’s main airport isn’t located in OH but rather in what neighboring state?
Lindsey: IL (A: KY)
If you’re on a diet you might be consumed w/ counting what units of energy found on food labels?
Victoria: Calories
Which of the main stars of this sitcom was removed from this “Community”?
Preston: Donald Glover
The co. Bombas was founded to donate what clothing item to homeless shelters w/ every customer purchase?
Tony: SocksBANK
Acc. to the OED what does the acronym YOLO stand for?
Pavel: You only live once
In what film did Anne Hathaway discover that she was royalty in the fictional kingdom of Genovia?
Ricky: “The Princess Diaries”, BUT TIME EXPIRED

Votes: Tony/Preston/Lindsey/Ricky/Ricky/Preston (Ricky was the SL)

To give you a wet willy I’d moisten my finger & stick it in your what?
Ricky: Ear
For more than 30yrs John McCain was a senator representing what state?
Lindsey: AZBANK
On what ’70s sitcom was the dad an architect who designed a home where his 6 children shared 2 bedrooms?
Victoria: “The Brady Bunch”
Acc. to the U.S. Navy what breakfast cereal mascot actually wears the uniform of a commander?
Tony: Cap’n CrunchBANK
Acc. to legend what ancient Macedonian king cut the Gordian knot?
Pavel: Genghis Khan (A: Alexander the Great)
What F word’s a Japanese term describing a thin mattress that rests upon a folding frame?
Ricky: Futon
Awesome or wow: which word’s a palindrome?
Lindsey: WowBANK
What Snoop Dogg song feat. the lyric “Laid back (with my mind on my money and my money on my mind)”?
Victoria: “Dolla Dolla Bills” (A: “Gin and Juice”)
Fairbanks is a great place to witness what phenomenon seen here?
Tony: Aurora borealis
Who was Ellie Kemper’s high school drama teacher yrs before he starred in “Mad Men”?
Pavel: Winona Ryder (A: Jon Hamm)
What Italian composer of “La Traviata” & “Aida” had a last name that means “greens” in English?
No time for: The 1st major sporting event named for a woman, the Billie Jean King Cup, is presented in what sport? (A: Tennis)

Votes: Ricky/Pavel/Victoria/Lindsey/Pavel

If you get bored at a party you can make your voice higher by sucking what gas out of a balloon?
Ricky: HeliumBANK
Fender or Bender: which’s a guitar co. that makes the Stratocaster?
Lindsey: Fender
What ’80s boy band orig. feat. Ralph, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky & Mike?
Victoria: Beach Boys (A: New Edition)
What Irish poet wrote “The Tower” & “Sailing to Byzantium”?
Tony: X (A: William Butler Yeats)
What upholstered footstool shares its name w/ a long-ruling Turkish dynasty?
Ricky: Ottoman
An ice cream bar w/ a polar bear on its label shares its name w/ what region in the Yukon?
Lindsey: Kodiak
Who hosts “Last Week Tonight”?
Victoria: John Oliver
What boots w/ iconic yellow stitching were named for the German physician who developed their air-cushioned soles?
Tony: Lugs (A: Doc Martens)
In ’19 what celebrity set a Guinness World Record for the fastest to a million followers on Instagram?
Ricky: Kim Kardashian (A: Jennifer Aniston)
Released in ’06 what Nintendo gaming console feat. a wireless remote & motion sensing technology?
Lindsey: WiiBANK
No time for: Aerosmith’s only #1 hit was what song w/ a 7-word title?

Votes: Tony/Tony/Ricky/Victoria- TONY

What brand of fabric softener introduced its iconic teddy bear mascot to Americans in the 1980s?
Lindsey: Downy
What S word’s an ancient language that’s the root of many modern Indian languages?
Victoria: Sanskrit
Robert Browning wrote a famous poem about a Pied Piper who led rats out of what German town?
Ricky: Munich (A: Hamelin)
Drake’s “One Dance” was the 1st song to reach 1B plays on what music streaming service?
Lindsey: SpotifyBANK
What 19th C. American abolitionist wrote the autobiographical book My Bondage and My Freedom?
Victoria: X (A: Frederick Douglass)
Who was the 1st person to fly solo from Hawai’i to California?
Ricky: Lindenberg (A: Earhart)
When I say something’s “Greek to me” I’m quoting a line from what Shakespearean tragedy?
Lindsey: “Aphrodite” (A: “Julius Caesar”)
The LiveWire is a quiet all-electric motorcycle produced by what iconic American co.?
Victoria: Harley-Davidson
Tiger Woods & Michelle Wie are alumni of what prestigious Bay Area university?
Ricky: San Francisco (A: Stanford)(Final bank: $47.5K)

Votes: Ricky/Ricky/Lindsey


In Charlie Brown’s animated Halloween special Linus waited in vain for what imaginary character?
Lindsey: PEANUTS (A: “The Great Pumpkin”)
What was the only planet named for a female figure in mythology?
Victoria: Venus

What beloved side dish from Ore-Ida was introduced at the National Potato Convention in 1954?
Lindsey: Tater tots
What larval stage insect shares its name w/ a leading U.S. manufacturer of construction equip.?
Victoria: Cocoon (A: Caterpillar)

What luxury automaker’s cars feat. a hood ornament named “Spirit of Ecstasy” which depicts a woman leaning into the wind?
Lindsey: BENTLEY
What’s the only state capital w/ the letter X in its name?
Victoria: Phoenix

What woman holds the record for most #1 hit singles by a solo artist?
Lindsey: Taylor Swift (A: Mariah Carey)
Prev. displayed at Tiffany’s a 9in aluminum pyramid now sits atop what famous U.S. landmark?
Victoria: Washington Monument


"Weakest Link"

(Video) Wheel of Fortune: Season 40, Episode 143 WWE Wheel of Fortune Tournament

“Weakest Link” 6/13

P: Marsha (interior designer in Lauderhill, FL), Harriet (physician in Charlotte), Dan (medical device salesman in Long Island), Ty (college guidance counselor in PHX; orig. from CHI), Shawna (wildland fire captain in Truckee Tahoe, CA who’s also a snowboarder), Nicole (paralegal in Santa Barbara), Jon (nurse in Richardson, TX), Corey (personal care worker in Marinette, WI who owns 3 female rats)

In a classic folk tale who was hit on the head by an acorn then ran around insisting “the sky is falling”?
Marsha: Chicken Little
An actor or a plastic surgeon: who’s more likely to pick up a trophy at the SAG Awards?
Harriet: ActorBANK
What restaurant chain’s ode to ribs repeated “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back”?
Dan: chili’s
In what sport might you get caught staring at a backdoor slider?
Ty: BaseballBANK
“Here We Go Again” was the sequel subtitle to what ABBA-based movie musical?
Shawna: “Breakfast Club”
In the bible who was instructed by God to build a boat & fill it w/ pairs of animals to survive a coming flood?
Nicole: NoahBANK
What’s the 23rd letter of the English alphabet?
Jon: Y
Eat it or wear it: what should you do w/ charcuterie?
Corey: Eat itBANK
John Boyega originated the role of Finn in what movie franchise?
Marsha: “GREASE” (A: “STAR WARS”)
What I word means “house” in the language of the Inuit & shares its name w/ a brand of portable coolers?
C.M. Coolidge’s painting “A Friend in Need” depicted a bunch of dogs playing what card game?
Dan: Poker
Bobby Brown or Millie Bobby Brown: who served as UNICEF’s youngest Goodwill ambassador?
Ty: Millie
“Allemande left” & “do-si-do” might get barked at you while you’re doing what state folk dance of OK?
Shawna: Line (A: Square)
If you giggle at gaggles or take ganders at geese what type of bird are you obsessed w/?
Nicole: GeeseBANK
The trendy pink salt mined in Pakistan was commonly named for what nearby mountain range?
Jon: HimalayaBANK
Early in his career Morgan Freeman appeared as “Easy Reader” on what PBS kids’ show?

Votes: Corey/Nicole/Shawna/Marsha/Jon/Shawna/Shawna/Shawna

In the U.S. what brand of batteries has ads w/ a pink bunny that keeps “going and going and going”?
Dan: Energizer
What P word are you munching on if you’re eating the signature product from vlasic?
Ty: Pickles
The intersection on your screen’s located in what city in L.A. County?
Nicole: HOLLYWOOD (A: Beverly Hills)
In 2014 what British pop star finally married his longtime partner David Furnish?
Jon: Elton JohnBANK
How many millimeters are in a centimeter?
Corey: 10BANK
What star of “Dawson’s Creek” shares the same 1st & last name w/ a member of Destiny’s Child?
Marsha: Katie Holmes (A: Michelle Williams)
What cereal brand from Kellogg’s feat. a beaming sun holding 2 scoops of dried fruit on the box?
Harriet: Raisin BranBANK
Blues or Jazz: which’s the name of an NHL team?
Dan: Blues
In the human body the patella’s the bony cap that covers what joint in the leg?
Ty: KneeBANK
What type of puzzle got its name from a Japanese term that loosely translates to “the numbers must remain single”?
Nicole: SudokuBANK
These 2 famous actors were both born in what country?
Jon: Canada (1 was Jim Carrey)- BANK
Uber or lyft: which rideshare co. orig. used a fuzzy pink mustache to ID its cars?
Corey: Uber
The Atlantic & Pacific Oceans are connected via what manmade Central American waterway?
Marsha: Panama CanalBANK
If you’re a professional snake milker your job’s to extract what from a snake?
Harriet: Venom BANK
No time for: William H. Macy played the Gallaghers’ debauched, depraved & dishonest dad on what TV series? (A: “Shameless”)

Votes: Ty/Corey/Nicole/Marsha/Marsha/Nicole/Marsha

Every Dec. a bunch of nerds debate whether what ’88 Bruce Willis film was a Christmas movie?
What yellow, orange & white Halloween candy was orig. called “chicken feed”?
Ty: Candy cornBANK
H.I.M. or H.E.R.: which’s the name of a Grammy-winning recording artist?
Nicole: H.E.R.
What’s the royal-sounding name of this insect?
Jon: Yellow butterfly (A: Monarch butterfly)
In cooking what P word’s equal to 1/16 of a teaspoon?
Corey: BLANKED (A: Pinch)
What car brand began as a small utility vehicle commissioned by the U.S. Army in WWII?
Harriet: Ford (A: Jeep)
What toilet paper brand’s ads showed an animated bear bragging “my heinie’s clean”?
Dan: CharminBANK
Guests can take a gondola through the Grand Canal in what Vegas hotel?
Ty: Paris (A: Venetian)
If you post something boring online & someone replies “TL;DR” what does that stand for?
Nicole: “Too long; didn’t read”BANK
Lint brush or cocktail glass: which’s used to swig a fuzzy navel?
Jon: Cocktail glassBANK
This actor shares his last name w/ the capital of what U.S. state?
Corey: AZ (Joaquin Phoenix)- BANK
Often occurring at nighttime what medical condition’s abbrev. RLS?
Harriet: Restless leg syndromeBANK
No time for: Twin brothers Julian & Joaquin Castro have respectively served as a mayor & a congressman from which southwest state? (A: TX)

Votes: Corey/Corey/Corey/Ty/Ty/Jon- COREY

What streaming series began w/ Elizabeth Olsen & Paul Bettany as a couple in an old black/white sitcom?
Nicole: “Wonder Woman” (A: “WandaVision”)
What word meaning “stick” in French’s the hollow cylinder passed from runner to runner in a relay race?
Jon: BatonBANK
On your screen’s an old school photo of the guy who played what character in the movie “Old School”?
Harriet: Chevy Chase (A: Frank the Tank)
If you’ve got something between your legs that’s about 6ft tall & has 47 strings what concert instrument are you playing?
Dan: Cello (A: Harp)
Bringing to mind kisses & cheek-squeezing the Yiddish word “bubbe” translates to what relative?
Ty: Son (A: Grandmother)
What S word’s a traditional Indian women’s dress made of several meters of cloth wrapped & draped around the body?
Nicole: Sash (A: Sari)
What African-American holiday’s name came from a phrase meaning “first fruits of the harvest”?
Jon: KwanzaaBANK
The official song of what U.S. military branch begins “Off we go into the wild blue yonder”?
Harriet: Navy (A: Air Force)
Wichita’s the most populated city in what state?
Dan: KS
Boom or firework: which word’s an example of onomatopoeia?
Ty: BoomBANK
The alpha male in a family of mountain gorillas has what metallic-sounding name?
Nicole: SilverbackBANK

Votes: Jon/Nicole/Dan/Ty/Nicole

In ’02 iRobot 1st introduced what brand of automatic vacuum?
Jon: iVacuum (A: Roomba)
A bris or a Bar Mitzvah: which should a Jewish boy ideally have before he turns 13?
Harriet: BrisBANK
What star on your screen won’t be “Home Alone” anymore after announcing the birth of his 1st child in ’21?
Dan: Macaulay Culkin
If Kathy Griffin were a mythological griffin she’d have the head of an eagle & the body of a what?
Ty: Lion
Used by pilots over radio what common 1st name means “message received”?
Jon: Soto (A: Roger)
Famous for his “Friends in Low Places” what country star has sold more albums than any solo artist in U.S. history?
Harriet: Garth BrooksBANK
What T word’s an amino acid in turkey meat that was once believed to caused drowsiness?
Dan: Tryptophan
Rotten Tomatoes gave a 0% score on the Tomatometer to “Staying Alive” which was a sequel to what movie?
Ty: “Saturday Night Fever” BANK
Locks or Keys: which are connected by Florida’s Overseas Highway?
Jon: KeysBANK
What “LAW & ORDER: SVU” cast member won a Grammy in ’21 for Best Metal Performance?
Harriet: LL Cool J (A: ICE-T)
No time for: Demonic Tutor & Black Lotus are powerful cards in what trading card game introduced in ’93? (A: Magic the Gathering)

Votes: Jon/Harriet/Jon/Harriet

Long before LeBron James the initials LBJ referred to what U.S. President?
Dan: Lyndon B. Johnson
In ’10 Steve Martin won a Grammy for an album on which he strummed what instrument?
Ty: Ukulele (A: Banjo)
The tallest building in Chicago, the Willis Tower, was orig. named for what retail co.?
Jon: Willis Outlet (A: Sears)
A young Kenan Thompson played athlete Russ Tyler in what film franchise?
Dan: “Good Burger” (A: “The Mighty Ducks”)
The largest moon in our solar system Ganymede orbits what gas giant?
Ty: Milky Way (A: Jupiter)
What hotel chain got its name from a 1942 Christmas movie musical?
Jon: Hilton (A: Holiday Inn)
Breakfast or dessert: when would you traditionally serve crepes Suzette?
Dan: Breakfast
Philosopher Lao-tzu was credited w/ the saying “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single…” what?
Ty: “…step”BANK
Researchers at NYU calculated that it takes about 2500 licks to get to the center of what candy?
Jon: Tootsie Roll (A: Tootsie POP)
What legendary jazz pianist composed the hits “Epistrophy” & “Round Midnight”?
Dan: Miles Davis (A: Thelonious Monk)
No time for: What’s the only country whose name ends w/ Q? (Final bank: $54.5K)

Votes: Ty/Dan/Ty


In ’14 Dr. Dre sold what headphone co. to Apple for over $3B?
Dan: beats
Which of Santa’s reindeer named in “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” came last alphabetically?
Jon: Rudolph

On the West Coast Hellmann’s mayonnaise is sold under what other brand name?
Dan: Miracle Whip (A: Best Foods)
For the 1st time since its founding TIME replaced the word TIME on its Nov. 2, 2020 U.S. cover w/ what 4-letter word?

“Along Came a Spider” & “Kiss the Girls” were 2 movies based on books written by what bestselling author?
Dan: Steven Spielberg (A: James Patterson)
What 1987 cover by Los Lobos was the 1st Spanish-language song to hit #1?
Jon: “Macarena” (A: “La Bamba”)

In 2011 which of the 6 U.S. Space Shuttle orbiters became the last to complete a mission?
Dan: China (A: Atlantis)
What British actress was the only person to win indiv. OSCARS for both writing & acting?
Jon: Helen Mirren (A: Emma Thompson)

What international organization awards the Florence Nightingale Medal to heroic healthcare workers?
Dan: Red Cross


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 6/6

P: Rachelle (judge in HOU), JD (soap maker in Redlands), KELLY MIYAHARA (entrepreneur in SEA), Lionel (violin & viola teacher in Wilmington, DE), Izzy (magician in Rockville, MD), Spoon (recruiter for social media co. in San Jose), Sarah (analyst in Redmond) & Jessica (hospital chef in Mabank, TX)

In a leap yr what month has an extra day?
Rachelle: Feb.
In the lyrics to “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” what holiday was on its way?
JD: Easter
What B word’s a traditionally Jewish breakfast food w/ a hole in the middle?
Kelly: BagelBANK
The Mets & Jets consistently disappoint their home fans in what city (less so for the former so far this yr)?
Lionel: New York
How many syllables are in “disappointment”?
Izzy: 4
A leprechaun’s the mascot for what university’s Fighting Irish sports teams?
Spoon: Notre Dame BANK
Penn or Teller: which is a job at a bank?
Sarah: Teller
What “SAVED by the BELL” actor & “access hollywood” co-host wrote the books Knockout Fitness & Extra Lean?
Jessica: X
“I Love Rocky Road” & “Like a Surgeon” were 2 of the song parodies performed by what singer?
Rachelle: Bono
Susan Bennett was once Roy Orbinson’s backup singer but now she’s a voice of what Apple virtual assistant?
JD: Siri
If you need a 72lb wheel of Kirkland Signature Parmesan you have to go to what big box store?
A horse that “places” in a race has crossed the finish line in what order?
Lionel: 1st
Peanut butter or jelly: which has a brand named for the character Peter Pan?
Izzy: Jelly
Daniel Day-Lewis won an OSCAR for playing the title President in what ’12 Steven Spielberg film?
Spoon: “LINCOLN”
What do the letters EV stand for in the olive oil classification EVOO?
Sarah: Extra virgin
What S word’s the green gloppy substance celebs are often doused w/ on nickelodeon?
Jessica: SlimeBANK
What actress w/ an iconic Colombian accent’s married to Joe Manganiello?
Rachelle: Sofia Vergara
In 2021 Cuba’s Raul Castro stepped down as the head of what political p=arty?

Votes: Jessica/Izzy/Jessica/Jessica/Lionel/Jessica/Izzy/Lionel

A perfect rating on yelp is 5 what?
JD: Stars
The doctors will literally have you in stitches if you’re in what part of the hospital that’s abbrev. OR?
Kelly: Operating room
“Chicago P.D.” is primarily set in what state?
Lionel: ILBANK
Please or thank you: which was this person expressing in American sign language?
Izzy: Thank you
Bugs Bunny frequently fought what red-haired character whose name was inspired by a national park?
Spoon: Yosemite Sam
You’d be smart to know that your 3rd molars are more commonly known as what teeth?
Sarah: Wisdom
What Z word’s a brand of plastic bags that’s been keeping food fresh for over 50yrs?
Rachelle: ZiplocBANK
Named for a newspaper what famous Manhattan district stretches from 42nd to 47th St.?
JD: Manhattan (A: Times Square)
Based on their standard platform what person on an NFL field’s nicknamed a “Zebra”?
Kelly: Referee
Balloons or champagne: what am I celebrating w/ if I’m poppin’ Cristal?
Lionel: ChampagneBANK
In “U Can’t Touch This” what 2 words came after the word “stop”?
Izzy: “Hammer time”
Since ’93 commercials have feat. yodelers calling out the name of what Swiss cough drop brand?
Spoon: “I love my wife”
In ’06 the actress on your screen married what recording artist?
Sarah: Keith UrbanBANK
What M word’s a popular Chinese game played w/ 144 tiles?
Rachelle: Match (A: Mahjong)
If Misty Copeland does a full rotation on the tips of her toes how many degrees has she rotated?
JD: 360
Launched in ’83 what colorful-sounding PBS series was hosted by LeVar Burton?
Kelly: “Reading Rainbow”BANK
No time for: What former First Lady went on to become a delegate to the UN? (A: Eleanor Roosevelt)

Votes: Izzy/Izzy/Rachelle/Spoon/Sarah/Rachelle/JD

What fast-food chain proclaims itself the “Home of the Whopper”?
Kelly: Burger King
What U word’s a soft cozy sheepskin that dates back to early 20th C. Australia?
Lionel: Ugg
Sir Mix-a-Lot or Sir Anthony Hopkins: who’s been knighted by the queen of England?
Izzy: AnthonyBANK
In Jan. ’21 what Olivia Rodrigo song hit #1 in its 1st wk on the Billboard chart?
Spoon: “The Jennifer is So Beautiful Song” (A: “driver’s license”)
The landmark on your screen’s located in what Australian city?
Sarah: Sydney
On facebook the Like button feat. an icon of a hand making what gesture?
JD: Thumbs up
Triumph or Torture: which’s the name of the Insult Comic Dog puppet voiced by Robert Smigel?
Kelly: TriumphBANK
“Bah! Hambug!” was the classic clapback of what bitter Dickens character?
Lionel: Scrooge
What New Yr.’s sporting event in Pasadena’s known as “The Granddaddy of Them All”?
Izzy: “Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”
Which of the 4 main stars of this sitcom was missing?
Spoon: George (Jason Alexander)BANK
The samurai were a class of noble warriors that once ruled what island nation?
Sarah: Ming (A: Japan)
In her memoir Inside Out what actress wrote about her marriages to Ashton Kutcher & Bruce Willis?
JD: Demi Moore
Acc. to the Village People’s biggest hit song where was it “fun to stay”?
Kelly: “YMCA”
What building appears on the back of a current U.S. $20 bill?
Lionel: Congress (A: White House)
No time for: What D word’s both a delicious pastry & a northern European nationality? (A: Danish)

Votes: Spoon/Lionel/Sarah/Spoon/Lionel/Spoon

In “It’s a Wonderful Life” George Bailey met angel-in-training Clarence on the eve of what holiday?
Kelly: Christmas
Acc. to Merriam-Webster what P word’s a rodent whose name basically means “prickly pig”?
Lionel: X (A: Porcupine)
The 2 famous faces on your screen share what last name?
Izzy: WilsonBANK
If Nick Lachey’s boy band dropped 10 degrees from its name what would its new name be?
Sarah: 88 Degrees
True or False: what did Khloe Kardashian name her 1st child?
HERSHEY’S suggests adding strawberries to make a “Choco-Berry” version of what campfire treat?
Sarah: S’mores
What 12th letter of the Greek alphabet sounds like something you’d hear in a barnyard?
Lionel: E-I-E-I-O (A: Mu)
Having little to do w/ a South American snake what Nicki Minaj video has over a billion views on YouTube?
Izzy: “Anaconda”
Which was invented 1st: lava lamp or Polaroid camera?
Sarah: PolaroidBANK
In the popular meditation practice known as TM what does the T stand for?
JD: Transcendental
What writing instrument shares its name w/ a style of slim-fitting skirt popularized by Christian Dior?
Kelly: PencilBANK
Pure gold’s how many karats?
Lionel: 24 BANK
What film’s soundtrack feat. Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy & Jennifer Hudson?
Izzy: “Annie” (A: “Dreamgirls”)
No time for: What F word’s a now-defunct social network that had more than 100M users in its heyday? (A: Friendster)

Votes: Izzy/Lionel/Izzy/Lionel/Lionel

What African member of the horse family technically has black fur w/ white stripes?
Kelly: Zebra
Born to Walk or Born to Run: what was the title of Bruce Springsteen’s autobiography?
Izzy: Born to RunBANK
The quarter on your screen commemorates what U.S. state?
Sarah: HI
What 2013 Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Yr is a photo that you take of you?
JD: SelfieBANK
What classic sitcom had a theme song that began “Thank you for being a friend”?
Kelly: “Cheers”
What co. develops & distributes such software as Acrobat & Photoshop?
Izzy: Adobe
Britney Spears or Peabo Bryson: whose name’s an anagram for the word “presbyterians”?
Sarah: Peabo Bryson
After East & West reunified in 1990 what European country settled on the flag seen here?
JD: Germany
What snooty-sounding term for a headwaiter’s based on the French for “master of the house”?
Kelly: Maitre d’BANK
What ’90s dance craze was spawned from a song by the 1-hit wonder band Los Del Rio?
Izzy: “Floss”
What T word’s the extended fabric on a wedding dress that trails behind the bride?
Sarah: TrainBANK
Representing the city of Portland what’s the only NBA team w/ a 2-word name?
JD: Seahawks
No time for: Putting a mezuzah on your doorpost signifies that you practice what religion? (A: Jewish)

Votes: Kelly/Izzy/Sarah/Izzy

W/ over a billion speakers Mandarin is the most widely spoken form of what Asian language?
Kelly: Chinese
Sumatran & Siberian are types of what largest living member of the cat family?
Sarah: TigerBANK
What G word’s an ice cream that literally means “frozen” in Italian?
JD: Gelato
What “peppy” soap brand shares its name w/ a piece of citrus fruit peel?
Kelly: Dial (A: Zest)
Acc. to the Farmer’s Almanac the month of March comes “in like a lion” & goes “out like a…” what?
Sarah: April (A: “…lamb”)
What singer w/ hits like “Proud Mary” & “Private Dancer” was the subject of a ’21 documentary?
JD: Creedence Clearwater Revival
What French sculptor established a famous London museum to display her collection of wax figures?
Kelly: Madame Tussauds BANK
“Souls to the polls” refers to the practice of people voting on what day of the wk?
Sarah: Tues. (A: Sun.)
What number do you need to press on a standard computer keyboard to write the name of rapper Ty Dolla $ign?
JD: #
No time for: What metal combines w/ oxygen to give Mars its red color? (A: Iron)(Final bank: $79.5K)

Votes: Kelly/JD/Kelly


More than half of America’s gold bullion reserves are held in Ft. Knox in what U.S. state?
Sarah: TN (A: KY)
What’s the only U.S. federal holiday that occurs in the Spring?
JD: Flag Day (A: Memorial Day- there was a note that Juneteenth became a federal holiday after this ep. was filmed)

In 2013 what Canadian co. recalled thousands of yoga pants whose sheer material revealed too much when bending over?
Sarah: Lulu Lemon
In terms of land area what’s the largest of the 7 continents?
JD: Asia

Before becoming a Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor helped end a ’95 strike by pro athletes who were playing what sport?
Sarah: Basketball
It’s estimated in the late ’90s ½ of all CDs manufactured were free trial discs from what internet provider?

What spy novelist drew inspiration for his books from his experiences in British Naval Intelligence during WWII?
Sarah: Clancy (A: Ian Fleming)
What Dutch city’s home to the International Court of Justice?
JD: The Hague


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 5/1

P: Casey (brewery worker in CIN), Eric (HS teacher in West Palm Beach), Briana (actress in NYC), Vince (interior designer), Mikayla (pro basketball player in PHI), Kari (mortician in Gobles, MI), Roberto (screenwriting student in Mazatlan) & Antonio (Army vet & Emergency Logistics Officer in Glenwood, IL)

In the well-known children’s song what 5 letters came after “Old MacDonald had a farm”?
Casey: “E-I-E-I-O”
Acc. to an old saying you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the what?
Eric: Mouth
“STAR WARS” or “STAR TREK”: what are you geeking out if you have a Boba fetish?
Briana: “STAR WARS”
What NY island should you visit to ride the Cyclone roller coaster?
Vince: Coney
When a snake molts it’s shedding what part of its body?
Mikayla: SkinBANK
In ’20 SONY released the latest generation of what video game console?
Kari: XBOX
King or Queen: which was a band inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?
Roberto: Queen
In trucking big rigs are known for having how many wheels?
Antonio: 18
Starting in ’05 Mindy Kaling was an actress, writer & eventually exec. producer on what sitcom?
Casey: “The Mindy Project”
What Jack Black movie was the basis for a ’15 Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?
Eric: “School of Rock”BANK
What Hasbro board game’s name sounds like it’s apologizing?
Briana: SORRY!
In MLB the Cubs are based in Chicago; in what city are the White Sox based?
Vince: Chicago
Barbie or Ken: what do Australians throw shrimp on?
Mikayla: BarbieBANK
What animal does a male donkey mate w/ to make a mule?
Kari: Horse
Scotland Yard’s a metropolitan police force headquartered in what city?
Roberto: Scotland (A: London)
Often found on sweaters what A word’s a diamond-shaped pattern linked to a clan in Scotland?
Antonio: Ascot (A: Argyle)
The song “Good Morning to All” evolved into what tune that gets sung to people annually?
Casey: “Happy Birthday”BANK
No time to bank after this question: In 1964 the Sealed Air Corporation 1st patented what packaging material that people love to pop? (A: Bubble wrap)

Votes: Kari/Antonio/Casey/Kari/Antonio/Antonio/Eric/Kari

Sonny claims he’s “Cuckoo for…” what cereal?
Eric: Cocoa PuffsBANK
Ross or Chandler: which is a clothing store chain where you can “Dress for less”?
Briana: Ross
What stage name did the “Jacka**” star on your screen take from the TN city where he was born?
Vince: Johnny KnoxvilleBANK
What bloodsucking insect does the CDC call “the world’s deadliest animal”?
Mikayla: Mosquito
Scarlet & crimson are both shades of what color?
Kari: RedBANK
Though it usually rains more than 100 days a yr what U.S. state’s nicknamed “The Sunshine State”?
Roberto: FL
After getting fired from a hardware store Bernie Marcus & Arthur Blank founded what multinational DIY chain?
When Tweety shouts “I taut I taw a puddy tat” he’s usually referring to what cat?
Eric: Sylvester
The little fashionista on your screen’s blowing the seeds off what flower?
Briana: DandelionBANK
Hobbs & Shaw took on a cyber villain in a ’19 movie that was part of what film franchise?
What variety of bean was named for the capital of Peru?
Mikayla: Cuzco
Named for a French acrobat what L word’s the 1-piece outfit in which gymnasts perform?
Kari: LeotardBANK
The symbol & is known by what 9-letter word?
Roberto: And
W/ its long hair, flat teeth & curved tusks what extinct elephant lived in tundra regions?
Casey: Woolly mammothBANK
What’s the 1-word stage name of the “cuchi cuchi” actress born Maria Rosario Pilar Lorenza Emilia Eugenia Martinez Molina Baeza?
Eric: CharoBANK
Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s a world champion athlete in what sport?
Briana: Wrestling

Votes: Mikayla/Roberto/Roberto/Roberto/Roberto/Casey/Mikayla

What kind of nut’s listed as an ingredient in nutella?
Eric: Hazel
In ’17 what workaholic became Kelly Ripa’s regular morning co-host?
Briana: Ryan SeacrestBANK
Which moonwalk happened 1st: APOLLO 11 or Michael Jackson’s?
Vince: APOLLO 11
2 buffoons who look & act alike are often referred to as Tweedledee & whom?
Mikayla: Tweedledum
What popular search engine was orig. named Backrub?
Kari: GoogleBANK
Dorothy or Toto: who had a #1 hit song in the ’80s titled “Africa”?
Casey: Toto
Someone who works late into the night’s said to be “burning the midnight…” what?
Eric: “…oil”BANK
What’s the name of this poker hand (A-2-3-4-5)?
Briana: Royal flush
What shoe brand’s iconic back-of-the-heel logo’s a skateboard w/ the words “Off the Wall”?
Vince: Vans
What P word’s the name of Michelangelo’s sculpture in the Vatican of Mary cradling the body of Christ?
Mikayla: PietaBANK
How many strings are on a standard electric guitar?
Kari: 6
What dairy product does the Bel co. sell under the brand The Laughing Cow?
Casey: String cheese- NOT ACCEPTABLE
Which Olsen sister played the Scarlet Witch in “Avengers: Endgame”?
Eric: ElizabethBANK
Bonnie or Clyde: which’s one of the longest rivers in Scotland?
Briana: Clyde
When it was founded AT&T stood for American Telephone & what other mode of communication?
Vince: TelegraphBANK
How many legs does a tarantula have?
Mikayla: 8
In a Peter, Paul & Mary song who “frolicked in the autumn mist in a land called Honalee”?
Kari: “Puff the Magic Dragon”BANK
No time to bank after: What West Coast city’s airport named its Terminal 1 for Harvey Milk? (A: San Francisco)

Votes: Briana/Casey/Casey/Casey/Casey/Casey

If you order your pie “a la mode” you’re asking for it to be served w/ what?
Kari: Ice cream
What Brothers Grimm fairy tale character spun straw into gold?
Eric: RumpelstiltskinBANK
A yardstick’s how many inches long?
Briana: 20 (A: 36)
The woman on your screen’s making a hand gesture that shows she’s rooting for what school?
Vince: Texas A&M (A: Univ. of Texas)
What singer had a top 10 hit in ’04 w/ her song “Toxic”?
Mikayla: Britney SpearsBANK
In the industrial average known as the DJIA what do the letters DJ stand for?
Kari: Darn Jolly
Leather or lace: which’s the traditional gift for a 3rd anniversary?
Eric: LeatherBANK
Due to a “TOTAL RECALL” election, in ’03 Arnold Schwarzenegger became the 38th governor of what state?
Briana: CABANK
What movie franchise feat. a mask-wearing serial killer named Michael Myers?
Vince: “Halloween”
These 2 famous faces share what last name?
Mikayla: Williams (A: Morrison)
What’s the 2-word term for the generation born between 1946-64?
Kari: Baby boomersBANK
What Italian term for singing w/o instruments translates to “in the church style”?
Eric: A cappellaBANK
In Greek mythology what snake-haired gorgon who turned people to stone was slain by Perseus?
Briana: Medusa BANK
No time for: Named for a “fresh” rapper from the ’80s what D word’s a dance that people were “taught how to do” in the 2010s? (A: Dougie)

Votes: Vince/Vince/Briana/Briana/Eric

For 20 seasons Carson Daly has been the host of what singing competition show?
Eric: “the Voice”
The Corolla & Camry are popular models of what car?
Briana: ToyotaBANK
Eva Mendes was among the celebs who went naked for what organization’s anti-fur ad campaign?
What classic movie feat. the line “My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die”?
Kari: “The Princess Bride”
Independence Hall or the Capitol: which building’s depicted on the back of a $100 bill?
Eric: CapitolBANK
The skeletons of sharks are composed entirely of what connective tissue?
Briana: Cartilage
What man patented dynamite then went on to endow a peace prize?
Mikayla: Nelson Mandela (A: Alfred Nobel)
Nicknamed “The Face That Runs the Place” John Cena was the 16-time world champion of what organization?
Kari: WWE
What degree of latitude are you on if you’re walking along the equator in Ecuador?
Eric: 0BANK
What transgender actress earned 4 Emmy noms for playing Sophia on “Orange is the New Black”?
Briana: Alex Vause (A: Laverne Cox)
What brand of bright-colored kiosk dispenses DVDs to rent in more than 30K locations across the country?

Votes: Mikayla/Mikayla/Eric/Briana- MIKAYLA OUT

What U.S. sport’s traditionally referred to as our “national pastime”?
Eric: Baseball
“Better Call Saul” is a spinoff of what TV show that starred Bryan Cranston?
Briana: “Breaking Bad”BANK
What national flower of Malaysia’s used to make a bright red herbal tea?
Kari: Rose (A: Hibiscus)
What late singer-songwriter’s MN home & recording studio’s named Paisley Park?
Eric: PrinceBANK
Which U.S. territory’s home to the only national park in the southern hemisphere?
Briana: Puerto Rico (A: American Samoa)
What kind of animal is SEGA’s speedy video game hero named Sonic?
Kari: Hedgehog
The 1914 conflict once known as “The War to End All Wars” is today better known as what?
It made good sense when Swatch teamed w/ Mercedes-Benz to create what teeny tiny vehicle brand?
Briana: Matchbox (A: smart car)
Acc. to her sitcom’s theme song what star “could turn the world on with her smile”?
Kari: Mary Tyler Moore
Acc. to its classic slogan what deodorant was “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman”?
Eric: SecretBANK (Final bank: $95K)

Votes: Kari/Eric/Eric (he was out even though he answered every question correctly)


What astrological sign’s represented by 2 fish?
Briana: Pisces
Nonprescription medications are designed as OTC which stands for what?
Kari: Over the counter

Who was the 1st woman to win an IndyCar series race?
Briana: Danica Patrick
The flags of Australia & New Zealand both feat. a British Union Jack along w/ what celestial constellation?
Kari: Orion’s belt (A: Southern Cross)

In 1971 who became the 1st actor to refuse an Academy Award?
Briana: Marlon Brando (A: George C. Scott)
What’s the only U.S. state that contains 2 Ivy League schools?
Kari: MA (A: NY)

Who was the only Republican U.S. President during the 34yr stretch between 1934-68?
Briana: Taft (A: Eisenhower)
Acc. to Billboard what singer’s the only artist to have a #1 single on 1 of its charters in each of the last 6 decades?
Kari: Bob Dylan (A: Cher)

In 1778 English explorer James Cook named his discovery the Sandwich Islands but today’s it’s officially known by what name?
Briana: Cook Islands (A: Hawai’i)
Orig. a crop-dusting business in the South what co. is the country’s oldest operating airline?
Kari: American Airlines (A: Delta)


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 4/24

P: Lyric (leather worker in Oakland), Miriam (financial aid counselor in BKN), Marissa (server in luxury hotel from Ellicott City, MD), Tiffany (tech co. worker in Cerritos), Marc-Anthony (podcaster in Ft. Washington, MD), Zeke (validation engineer in MIN), Seth (anesthesiologist in Baton Rouge) & Daelynn (engineering mgr in Milwaukee, OR)

At the end of the classic ’33 film “KING KONG” climbed to the top of what NYC landmark?
Lyric: Empire State Building
What type of vision does SUPERMAN use to see through solid objects?
Miriam: Exothermic (A: X-ray)
In ’92 Bill Clinton made headlines by going on “The Arsenio Hall Show” & playing his what?
Marissa: Saxophone
What toy brand orig. created its 18in dolls as a way to teach children about U.S. history?
Tiffany: American GirlBANK
“Gumby” or pokey: which is a slang term for jail?
Marc-Anthony: PokeyBANK
What jacket w/ a stand-up collar was named for the 1st PM of India?
Zeke: Modi (A: Nehru)
What’s the full name of the Fortune 500 financial institution that’s abbrev. BofA?
Seth: Bank of America
Someone who pretends to be sad is said to be crying what animal’s tears?
Daelynn: Crocodile
What “Godfather of Soul” did Chadwick Boseman portray in the movie “Get on Up”?
Lyric: Rick James (A: James Brown)
What restless American metropolis is famously nicknamed “The City That Never Sleeps”?
What type of canned food was the “Dolphin Safe” label created for?
Marissa: Tuna
In ’02 ebay paid $1.5B to acquire what online payment processing service?
Tiffany: PayPal
Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail were siblings of what Beatrix Potter character?
Marc-Anthony: My Little Pony
Drew Carey or Mariah Carey: which entertainer was born in Cleveland?
Zeke: Drew
Performers who pirouette in pointe shows participate in what form of dance?
Seth: BalletBANK
You can get family heirlooms appraised on what PBS show w/ the tagline “Discovering America’s Hidden Treasures”?
Daelynn: “Antiques Roadshow”BANK
No time for: Cocky online daters might describe themselves as VGL which typically stands for what? (A: Very good looking)

Votes: Marc-Anthony/Seth/Miriam/Marc-Anthony/Lyric/Miriam/Marc-Anthony/Marc-Anthony

According to the expression you shouldn’t put all your eggs in 1 what?
Daelynn: Basket
In their #1 hit song Daft Punk endlessly repeated “We’re up all night to get…” what?
Lyric: “…lucky”
The landmark on your screen resides in what country?
Miriam: ItalyBANK
What 102-yr-old British car brand’s logo is a pair of wings attached to the letter B?
Marissa: BMW (A: Bentley)
“Chips” or “Salsa”: which was a ’70s TV show starring Erik Estrada?
Tiffany: “Chips”
For over 12yrs what former Rhodes scholar has hosted her own weeknight show on MSNBC?
Zeke: Dan Rather (A: Rachel Maddow)
Nelson Mandela spent more than 25yrs in prison before being elected president of what nation?
Seth: South Africa
What do the letters in the time zone GMT stand for?
Daelynn: Greenwich Mean Time
AppleBottoms or Muffin Tops: which was a brand of blue jeans?
Lyric: AppleBottoms
Barack Obama & Sandra Bullock were both born under what sign of the zodiac w/ the shortest name?
Miriam: LeoBANK
The bald eagle’s native only to which continent?
Marissa: North America
3yrs after winning an OSCAR for “The Queen” what actress played a machine gun-toting assassin in the movie “Red”?
Tiffany: Charlize Theron (A: Helen Mirren)
What “Rock City” rapper feat. his 1-time girlfriend Kylie Jenner in the video for his single “Stimulated”?
Zeke: Tyga
What ad slogan for WHEATIES contains the title of a book by Kurt Vonnegut?
Seth: “Just do it” (A: The Breakfast of Champions)
In Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice” Morocco said “All that glitters is not…” what?
Daelynn: “…gold” BANK
McCarran International Airport serves what major city?
TIME (A: Las Vegas)

Votes: Tiffany/Lyric/Lyric/Marissa/Tiffany/Miriam/Tiffany

Sockets or plugs: which is a method of hair transplant?
Daelynn: Plugs
W/ hits like “Straight Up” what pop star headlined a Vegas residency called “Forever Your Girl”?
Lyric: Mariah Carey (A: Paula Abdul)
On what holiday do kids warn about a trick if they don’t get a treat?
Miriam: Halloween
Derived from French what P word describes the act of crazy fun this guy’s having?
Marissa: Parkour
Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio sings & raps using what semi-adorable stage name?
Zeke: Lil Nas X (A: Bad Bunny)
Who was the 1st U.S. President born in HI?
Seth: Obama
In food what L word comes from the Yiddish term for “salmon”?
Daelynn: L’chaim (A: Lox)
Once called “The Queen of the Skies” what model number of passenger jet did BOEING announce would soon end production?
Lyric: Gulfstream (A: 747)
In 1976 to honor a North Vietnamese president the capital of Saigon was renamed what?
Miriam: Vietnam (A: Ho Chi Minh City)
Acc. to the nursery rhyme what did the itsy bitsy spider crawl up?
Marissa: Clock
“Up” or “Sideways”: which was one of the top-grossing animated movies of ’09?
Zeke: “Up”BANK
What makeup brand uses the iconic slogan “Easy, breezy, beautiful”?
Seth: CoverGirl
What pint-sized star of this classic sitcom cast was removed from this photo?
Daelynn: Danny DeVitoBANK

Votes: Marissa/Daelynn/Lyric/Lyric/Lyric/Zeke

The original slogan for U.S. Forest Service mascot Woodsy Owl was “Give a hoot, don’t…” what?
Seth: “…pollute”
What U word’s the Eastern European nation in which Mila Kunis was born?
Daelynn: Uzbekistan (A: Ukraine)
Acc. to TACO BELL upgrading your crunchy taco to a crunchy Taco Supreme adds tomatoes & what other topping?
Miriam: Onions (A: Sour cream)
Artist Frida Kahlo claimed to have been born in 1910 because it marked the start of what historical event?
Marissa: Women’s rights (A: Mexican Revolution)
The house on your screen’s the birthplace of what famous record label?
Zeke: MotownBANK
Waterloo Boy was an early model of what mechanical farming vehicle now sold by John Deere?
Seth: Tractor
Leatherback & red-eared slider are species of what type of shelled reptile?
Daelynn: Turtle
Multiple companies owned by “Fixer Upper” stars Chip & Joanna Gaines were named for what M word that’s a type of tree?
Miriam: Mohegan (A: Magnolia)
The logo for the LGBTQ organization Human Rights Campaign feat. what math symbol over a blue background?
Marissa: =
A small stream or big fight: where are you if you find yourself in a donnybrook?
Zeke: Small stream
In 2019 Hironomiya Naruhito became the 126th person in Japanese history to hold what title?
Seth: President (A: Emperor)

Votes: Marissa/Miriam/Miriam/Daelynn/Marissa

Acc. to the idiom how much is someone willing to pay for your thoughts?
Seth: Penny
In what holiday movie did Ralphie’s dad win a “major award” that was a leg lamp?
Daelynn: “A Christmas Story”BANK
For whiskey to be called bourbon it must be produced in America & made from at least 51% what?
Marissa: Rye (A: Corn)
Acc. to the FBI what famous painter’s works have been stolen more than any other’s?
Zeke: PicassoBANK
Who’s that girl who went from a small town in MI to headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show?
Seth: Shakira (A: Madonna)
“Equal Justice Under Law” is the inscription over the entrance to what Washington, D.C. building?
Daelynn: Capitol Building (A: Supreme Court)
Kamala Harris’ mom immigrated to the U.S. from what country?
Marissa: India
EA Sports has released a series of popular video games named for what former NFL coach?
Zeke: John MaddenBANK
In the MARVEL movies what hammer-wielding Norse god was played by Chris Hemsworth?
Seth: “THOR”
The flag on your screen was adopted in 1990 to represent what nation?
Daelynn: Belgium (A: Armenia)
Kevin Bacon or Jon Hamm: who’s had more than 15 Emmy nominations?
Marissa: Kevin Bacon
Pediatrician Priscilla Chan “liked” what social media billionaire so much she married him?
Zeke: Mark ZuckerbergBANK
No time for: Salad, dinner & dessert are types of what utensil w/ tines? (A: Fork)

Votes: Daelynn/Daelynn/Daelynn/Zeke

Dill pickle & TABASCO are flavors of what brand of meat sticks w/ a rhyming name?
Zeke: Turkey jerky (A: Slim Jim)
Who walked off w/ an Emmy for playing MC Pray Tell on the series “Pose”?
Seth: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (A: Billy Porter)
Founded in 1776 what academic honor society incl. 17th U.S. Presidents & more than 150 Nobel Laureates?
Marissa: National Honor Society (A: Phi Beta Kappa)
What legendary musician had a blues club named for him in Memphis & a guitar he named Lucille?
Zeke: BB KingBANK
Who was the last Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court to serve in the 20th century?
Seth: Thurgood Marshall (A: William Rehnquist)
What mythical creature got its name from the Spanish words for “goat sucker”?
Marissa: ChupacabraBANK
Which of Angelina Jolie’s ex-husbands starred as Sherlock Holmes in the TV show “Elementary”?
Zeke: Brad Pitt (A: Jonny Lee Miller)
OSCAR-winning composer Trent Reznor has spent over 30yrs as the frontman for what popular band?
Seth: X (A: Nine Inch Nails)
No time for: Introduced by Sears in 1985 what credit card was the 1st to offer cash back based on purchases? (A: Discover)(Final bank: $46.5K)

Votes: Zeke/Seth/Marissa


Lollipop Woods & Licorice Lagoon are locations that have been feat. in what classic children’s board game?
Marissa: Candy Land
What famous catchphrase did Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s character make his agent repeat over & over again in “Jerry Maguire”?
Zeke: “Show me the money”

The 1st U.S. national park monument named for an African-American honors what scientist & educator?
Marissa: Neil deGrasse Tyson (A: George Washington Carver)
What gas is responsible for making Pop Rocks “explode” in your mouth?
Zeke: Nitrogen (A: Carbon dioxide)

Prior to 2021 who was the last person to have served as both Second Lady & First Lady of the U.S.?
Marissa: Jill Biden (A: Barbara Bush)
Who won a groundbreaking Best Actor OSCAR for his performance in the 1963 film “Lilies of the Field”?
Zeke: Sidney Poitier

What’s the full name of the charitable organization that forced wrestling’s WWF to change its name to WWE?
Marissa: World Wildlife Fund
What major tire co. had a founder whose 1st name was Benjamin & middle name was Franklin?
Zeke: BF Goodrich

What’s the northernmost state capital in the lower 48 states?
Marissa: Augusta (A: Olympia)


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 4/17

P: Adu (social media creative strategist in Oakland), Dale (MS teacher in Corona), Alex (dog walker orig. from Ft. Lauderdale), Brock (Harvard College student in Scottsdale), Apple (comic book shop worker in OKC), Haidar (brewer in Miami), Brenda (community mgr in S.D.) & Jenny (farmer in Winchester, IL)

Lady Gaga & S’mores are limited-edition varieties of what NABISCO sandwich cookie brand?
What L word’s a Hawaiian necklace commonly made of flowers like orchids & jasmine?
Dale: LeiBANK
General Mills or Colonel Mustard: which’s a character in the board game Clue?
Alex: Colonel MustardBANK
In what playful language would Jane’s name be pronounced “Anejay Ynchlay”?
Brock: “STAR TREK” (A: Pig Latin)
Acc. to the popular saying someone who’s making a mistake’s “barking up the wrong…” what?
Apple: “…tree”BANK
An umpire might invoke the “infield fly rule” in what pro sport?
Haidar: Baseball
It has not been uncommon to see Common romantically involved w/ what standup comedian who starred in “Girls Trip”?
Brenda: Tiffany HaddishBANK
Acc. to Greek mythology everything King Midas touched turned into what?
Jenny: Gold
Acc. to a classic song by Bobby Pickett what spooky dance was a “graveyard smash”?
Adu: “Thriller”
What flippant house flipper starred for 11 seasons on the bravo show “Flipping Out”?
Dale: Matthew Dark (A: Jeff Lewis)
Called the Father of the Constitution, which President helped author the Bill of Rights?
Alex: Jefferson (A: Madison)
Acc. to an Elmo & Patsy holiday song “Grandma Got Run Over By a…” what?
Brock: “…Reindeer”BANK
If I use my 20% off BED, BATH & BEYOND coupon on a $20 salad spinner how much money will I save?
Apple: $4BANK
Reb’l Fleur & RiRi are perfumes created by what R&B superstar?
Haidar: Rihanna
Which Ivy League school was founded in 1764 as Rhode Island College?
Brenda: Harvard (A: Brown Univ.)
No time for: What Manhattan neighborhood attracts over a million people a yr to its Feast of San Gennaro? (A: Little Italy)

Votes: Brock/Brock/Brock/Brenda/Brock/Brock/Jenny/Apple

What ’90s pop group had such memorable lyrics as “I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want”?
Haidar: Spice Girls
What Z word drives out onto the ice between periods during an ice hockey game?
Brenda: Zebra
In the 1940s Chuck Yeager made headlines as the 1st person to travel faster than the speed of what?
Jenny: SoundBANK
IPO or IPA: what process makes your private business public?
Adu: IPO
The fashion line Miu Miu was created by & named for the head designer of what Italian brand?
Dale: Versace (A: PRADA)
Debuting in 1977 what musical feat. the songs “Tomorrow” & “It’s the Hard Knock Life”?
Alex: “Annie”
In ’21 what canine-themed cryptocurrency plummeted in value after it was made fun of on “SNL”?
Apple: bing (A: Dogecoin)
This dish & this actor have what name in common?
Haidar: Benedict
Spoiler alert: by the end of “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” Anthony Mackie became what superhero?
Brenda: BATMAN (A: Captain America)
Amy Schumer’s NY Times bestseller’s titled The Girl with the Lower what?
Jenny: Ham & Cheese (A: Back Tattoo)
In the Tour de France the “Red Lantern” is a title given to the cyclist who crosses the finish line in what place?
Adu: 1st (A: Last)
“Silk Stockings” or Silk Sonic: what group had a #1 hit w/ the song “Leave the Door Open”?
Dale: Silk Sonic
The aquatic landmark on your screen’s located in what Italian city?
Alex: Florence (A: Rome)
No time for: Known by one name what “Parks and Recreation” actress is the niece of a former president of Liberia? (A: Retta)

Votes: Brenda/Brenda/Brenda/Brenda/Brenda/Apple/Brenda

What sport are you playing if you’re trying to keep your 12lb Brunswick ball out of the gutter?
Haidar: Cricket
What state office did you gain if you just won a gubernatorial election?
Jenny: GovernorBANK
What bright red root vegetable’s traditionally the main ingredient of borscht?
Adu: BeetBANK
The exercise position on your screen shares its name w/ what part assoc. w/ pirate ships?
Dale: Plank
W/ over 100M combined Instagram followers models Bella & Gigi are sisters w/ what last name?
Alex: HadidBANK
What social media app bills itself as “The fastest way to share the moment”?
Apple: Instagram (A: Snapchat)
From 1192-1867 Japan was led by what hereditary military commanders appointed by the emperor?
Haidar: Shogun
Exploding onto the scene in 1946 what type of swimsuit was named for an early atomic bomb test site?
Jenny: Manhattan (A: Bikini)
Bebe or JoJo: who teamed w/ Florida Georgia Line on “Meant to Be”?
Adu: Bebe
How many total wheels are there on 2 tricycles & a bicycle?
Dale: 8BANK
Lupita Nyong’o played Nakia, the trusted ally & love interest of T’Challa, in what ’18 film?
Alex: “Black Panther”BANK

Votes: Jenny/Jenny/Jenny/Jenny/Jenny/Adu

In 1903 cousins Edward Binney & C. Harold Smith founded what brand of crayons?
Alex: Crayola
What S word’s a kitchen feature that comes in varieties like farmhouse & double-basin?
Apple: Sink
What English author wrote the novels Orlando & Mrs. Dalloway?
Haidar: Judy Blume (A: Virginia Woolf)
Even though the movie villain on your screen must not be named what was his name?
Adu: No Nose (A: Voldemort)
If you’re eating a steaming bowl of cock-a-leekie soup you’re enjoying a Scottish dish that traditionally feat. what meat?
Dale: Stomach (A: Chicken)
What iconic jazz saxophone player released the albums “My Favorite Things” & “Giant Steps”?
Alex: Dizzy Gillespie (A: John Coltrane)
In a popular TV show Tituss Burgess played an out-of-work actor w/ what “Unbreakale” roommate?
Apple: “Kimmy Schmidt”BANK
What G word’s a men’s chin beard named in part for a common farm animal?
Haidar: GoateeBANK
Texas is only 34 miles from Kansas, if you go through the panhandle of what state that borders both?
Adu: New Orleans
What Greek goddess of marriage & wife of Zeus was known to the Romans as Juno?
Dale: HeraBANK
Gecko or frog: which of these animals pictured here is poisonous?
Alex: FrogBANK
No time for: In 2021 what Scandinavian country finished 1st on the World Happiness Report for the 4th straight yr? (A: Finland- make that 5 straight yrs)

Votes: Apple/Adu/Adu/Adu/Adu

Bada Bing or Bada Boom: which was a club frequented by Tony on “The Sopranos”?
Apple: Bada Bing
The logo for Tommy Hilfiger is blue, white & what 3rd color?
Haidar: Red
DJ Khaled & Rick Ross were “swervin’ in my lo-lo” in the Top 40 hit “All I Do Is…” what?
Dale: “…Dance” (A: “…Win”)
The name of what Italian scooter was inspired by its tiny engine which sounded like a buzzing wasp?
What filmmaker directed the film “Moonlight” & the ’21 streaming series “The Underground Railroad”?
Apple: Woody Allen (A: Barry Jenkins)
A prime number is only evenly divisible by itself & what other number?
Haidar: 1
For over 60yrs Alfred E. Neuman was the gap-toothed face of what humor magazine?
“Obsessed” was the debut single by what TikTok dance superstar & Item Beauty brand entrepreneur?
Alex: JoJo Siwa (A: Addison Rae)
Rebecca Bunch moved to West Covina, CA to pursue Josh Chan in what TV comedy series?
Apple: “90210” (A: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”)
Q-Tip & Phife Dawg were members of what iconic ’90s hip-hop group?
Haidar: A Tribe Called Quest
This celebrity & this bird have what name in common?
Dale: RavenBANK
No time for: The Navy built a desk for V-P Harris out of wood from what iconic 18th C. battleship? (A: USS Constitution)

Votes: Alex/Dale/Dale/Dale

For nearly 50yrs people in Albuquerque have gathered for an annual fiesta celebrating what flying objects?
Haidar: UFOs (A: Hot air balloons)
Often worn in a suit what floral fashion accessory’s French for “buttonhole”?
Alex: Ascot (A: Boutonniere)
One of the oldest collegiate a cappela groups in the nation, the Whiffenpoffs hails from what university?
Apple: Harvard (A: Yale)
What luxury refrigerator brand shares its name w/ the villain in the ’21 “Mortal Kombat” movie reboot?
Haidar: Sub-ZeroBANK
What mythological creature of Thebes ate anyone who answered her riddle incorrectly?
Alex: Medusa (A: Sphinx)
Who was the last U.S. President to serve in the 19th century?
Apple: George Bush (A: McKinley)
What’s 2:30PM in military time?
Haidar: 14:30 BANK
What actor from the “FAST & FURIOUS” franchise got his big break singing in a ’90s Coca-Cola commercial?
Alex: Chris Evans (A: Tyrese Gibson)
Which New England state’s nicknamed “The Bay State”?
Apple: New England (A: MA)
No time for: What man w/ an animalistic name hosted the TV adventure series “Man vs. Wild”? (Final bank: $44.5K)

Votes: Haidar/Haidar/Apple


Fencing, horse jumping & laser pistol are 3 of the 5 events that comprise what Olympic competition?
Alex: Pentathlon
What were the 1st 3 words of the King James Bible?
Apple: “In the beginning”

What style of folk music from Trinidad shared its name w/ a daughter of the Titan Atlas?
Alex: Zydeco (A: Calypso)
In ’12 NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson became part-owner of what pro sports franchise?
Apple: X (A: Dodgers)

Invented by a German physicist in the early 1900s what device’s used to detect radiation?
Alex: X-ray (A: Geiger counter)
In 1933 workers’ right advocate Frances Perkins became the 1st female U.S. Cabinet member when she was named Secretary of what?
Apple: Labor

The 1st evidence founded by an animal that was admissible in a U.S. court came from what breed of dog?
Alex: German shepherd (A: Bloodhound)
Before moving to the U.S. Eddie & Alex Van Halen primarily spoke what language?
Apple: Czech (A: Dutch)

Four Corners Monument markets the meeting point of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado & what 4th state?
Alex: UT
What former U.S. Secretary of State has a Washington, D.C. area airport named for him?
Apple: (John Foster) Dulles


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 4/10

P: Michaela (policy advisor in Lebanon, OR), Sophia (writer & artist), Michael (retired attorney in Poughkeepsie), Will (product mgr in Forest Hills, NY), Elyssa (server in NYC), Samyra (Harvard student in New Orleans), Rodney (truck driver in NSH) & Nate (paleontologist in Crystal Lake, IL)

What “LOONEY TUNES” character’s famous for his catchphrase “Th-th-th-that’s all, folks!”?
Michaela: Bugs Bunny
What Vegas hotel was named for a city in Egypt & feat. a 30-story pyramid?
Sophia: Cairo
Fifty Shades of Grey was orig. a fan fiction piece based on what vampire-versus-werewolf saga?
Michael: Twilight
If you thank someone by saying “mahalo” what language are you speaking?
Will: HawaiianBANK
Maria Bakalova got an OSCAR nomination for playing the daughter of what title character in his “Subsequent Moviefilm”?
Elyssa: “Selma” (A: “Borat”)
If Ben Affleck were the voice of Aflac’s mascot he’d playing a talking version of what animal?
Samyra: Duck
Acc. to the saying even a broken clock is right how many times a day?
Rodney: TwiceBANK
What sitcom took place at the Ozark Highlands branch of the fictional big-box retail chain Cloud 9?
Nate: “Happy Endings”
“There once was a man from Nantucket” was a classic opening line of what style of 5-line poem?
Michaela: Haiku (A: Limerick)
Samuel L. Jackson & MLK, Jr. are alumni of which Atlanta college?
Sophia: X (A: Morehouse)
Ellen or twitch: which is a live video streaming service often used by gamers?
Michael: twitch
In a ’21 blockbuster film Godzilla once again took on what famous movie monster?
Composer David Foster’s married to what former “American Idol” star?
Elyssa: Kelly Clarkson (A: Katharine McPhee)
What distinguished senator from IL was the 1st to cast a vote on the Senate floor while holding her baby?
Samyra: Nancy Pelosi (A: Tammy Duckworth)
How many fingers are used to salute while reciting the official Boy Scout oath?
Rodney: 4 (A: 3)

Votes: Sophia/Michaela/Sophia/Sophia/Michaela/Sophia/Michaela/Sophia

Acc. to its leprechaun mascot what breakfast cereal’s “magically delicious”?
Will: Lucky Charms
If you went parasailin’ w/ Sarah Palin where she was governor you’d be gliding over which state?
Elyssa: AK
Guillermo del Toro won 2 OSCARS for what ’17 film in which a woman hooked up w/ a fishy guy?
Samyra: X (A: “The Shape of Water”)
What P word’s a trendy & bendy exercise regiment that you can do using a reformer?
Rodney: Pilates
In PEANUTS what sadist kept baiting Charlie Brown into kicking a football only to yank it away at the last second?
Nate: LucyBANK
Since 1948 a colossal monument has been under construction in the Black Hills of SD of what historic figure?
Michaela: Washington (A: Crazy Horse)
While drumstick refers to the leg, on what part of the chicken would you find a drumette?
Michael: Thigh (A: Wing)
What martial artist shared top billing w/ Chris Tucker in the “Rush Hour” movies?
Will: Jackie Chan
If € appears on your banknotes what currency are you holding?
Elyssa: Yen (A: Euro)
Sasha Fierce was the provocative alter ego of what pop diva?
Samyra: Beyonce
What NC university calls its sports teams the Demon Deacons?
Rodney: Duke
What classic ’60s TV series feat. 7 castaways incl. a professor & Mary Ann?
Nate: “Gilligan’s Island”
In ’19 the Scripps organization named 8 kids “octochamps” of what annual competition?
Michaela: Octonauts
If Elon Musk has $150B & a round-trip to Mars costs $3B how many trips can he take?
Michael: 20
No time for: The clothing brand Material Girl was launched in ’10 by what music icon & her daughter Lourdes?

Votes: Elyssa/Samyra/Michaela/Michaela/Elyssa/Michael/Elyssa

2018 marked the 40th anniversary of what lasagna-loving cartoon cat?
Nate: Garfield
Located on Wall St. this is a statue of what founding father?
Michaela: Washington
Boxers or briefs: which would Mike Tyson’s lawyer file w/ a court?
Michael: BriefsBANK
What chocolate brand promotes their creme-filled Easter eggs w/ ads feat. a clucking bunny?
Will: Mars
The singer & comedian were both born w/ what last name?
Samyra: X (A: Adkins)
Who ran for President for the 1988 election & finally got elected 32yrs later?
Rodney: George W. Bush
London’s upper crust gets down & dirty in what steamy streaming series from Shonda Rhimes?
Nate: X (A: “Bridgerton”)
In “The Wizard of Oz” what character was given the honorary title “Doctor of Thinkology”?
Michaela: Scarecrow
Right or left: which of your feet’s farthest forward on your skateboard if someone calls you “goofy-foot”?
Michael: Left
“Si, se puede!” is the motto of the labor organization UFW which stands for United what?
Will: Feminist Women (A: Farm Workers)
In H2O what does the O stand for?
Samyra: OxygenBANK
No time for: What fast-food chain uses the slogan “Quality is our recipe”? (A: Wendy’s)

Votes: Samyra/Rodney/Michael/Michael/Michaela/Will- MICHAEL OUT

Gwen Stefani met Blake Shelton on the set of what TV show?
Michaela: “The Simple Life”
In Hershey, PA many street lamps are shaped like what silver foil-wrapped candies?
Will: kissesBANK
Lady Gaga or Barack Obama: who has more twitter followers?
Samyra: Obama
This iconic hairstyle was worn in an ’80s fantasy film by what rock star?
Rodney: David BowieBANK
The athletic wear brand Fabletics was co-founded by what OSCAR-nominated actress from “Almost Famous”?
Nate: Kate Hudson
What L word’s the type of berry jam often served at IKEA’s bistro w/ their Swedish meatballs?
Michaela: Lingberry (A: Lingonberry)
Fans using #ReleaseTheSnyderCut led to a new 4hr version of what epic superhero movie?
Will: “Avengers” (A: “Justice League”)
Shinkansen are Japan’s high-speed railway cars commonly known by what ballistic nickname?
Samyra: Speed racers (A: Bullet trains)
What wireless technology was named for a 10th C. king who united Denmark & Norway?
Rodney: Blackberry (A: Bluetooth)
Married in 2006 Karen Fairchild & Jimi Westbrook belong to what Grammy-winning country music quartet?
Nate: The Judds (A: Little Big Town)
This is the flag of what 6th-most populated country in the world?
Michaela: BrazilBANK

Votes: Will/Samyra/Michaela/Will/Will

What city are you headed if your luggage tag reads JFK?
Nate: NY
In 2021 a cargo vessel nearly as long as the Empire State Building blocked out what vital waterway?
Michaela: Panama Canal (A: Suez Canal)
In Greek mythology what fictional king famously killed his dad & slept w/ his mom?
Samyra: Oedipus– BANK
Breaths or heartbeats: what does the avg. person have more of in their lifetime?
Rodney: Heartbeats– BANK
What city in Liberia’s the only foreign capital named after a U.S. President?
Nate: Jefferson (A: Monrovia)
Due to his thick accent what action star’s voice had to be dubbed for his acting debut in “Hercules in New York”?
Michaela: Tom Cruise (A: Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Pop star or electric car: which’s Ava Max?
Samyra: Electric car
The actress on your screen’s married to what actor from “The Office”?
Rodney: Steve Carrell (A: John Krasinski)
The ZIP in ZIP Code is an acronym that stands for what 3 words?
Nate: Zone in postage (A: Zone improvement plan)
If you’re workin’ “9 to 5” like Dolly Parton that equals how many hrs out of your day?
Michaela: 8BANK
No time for: What S word’s the more common term for the involuntary action known as sternutation? (A: Sneezing)


What online social network was the subject of the ’10 film “The Social Network”?
Rodney: facebookBANK
A U.S. Army general’s uniform displays 4 of what symbol on each shoulder?
Nate: StarsBANK
What TV superhero’s secret identity was Kara Danvers?
Samyra: “Superwoman” (A: “Supergirl”)
In March 2021 the price of 1 unit of what cryptocurrency surpassed $60K?
Rodney: BitcoinBANK
What playwright wrote an autobiographical series of comedies known as the “Eugene Trilogy”?
Nate: Eugene Mirman (A: Neil Simon)
If the Hurricanes are dominating the Lightning you’re either watching The Weather Channel or what major pro sport?
Samyra: Football
Popularized by Coco Chanel in the 1920s what fashion item’s often abbrev. LBD?
Rodney: Purse (A: Little black dress)
What singer of the #1 hit song “Without Me” took her stage name from a subway stop on NY’s L train?
Nate: Adele (A: Halsey)
Ina Garten wrote nuclear energy budgets for the White House before becoming a celebrity chef known as “The Barefoot…” what?
Samyra: “…Cook”
When it launched in 1996 what did the MS in MSNBC stand for?
Nate: Major Source (Final bank: $37.5K)

Votes: Nate/Samyra/Samyra


What Canadian singer has sold over 33M copies worldwide of her album “Jagged Little Pill”?
Rodney: Billie Eilish
Meaning “burnt cream” in French what fancy dessert often gets its caramelized crust from a blowtorch?
Nate: Creme brulee

On Apr. 14, 1910 William Howard Taft became the 1st sitting President to perform what MLB tradition?
Rodney: First pitch
What’s the highest-grossing film to ever win the OSCAR for Best Picture?
Nate: “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King” (A: “TITANIC”)

What Ivy League univ. was endowed by & named for the founder of Western Union?
Rodney: Brown (A: Cornell)
Each yr what’s the 1st U.S. federal holiday to occur in Nov.?
Nate: Thanksgiving (A: Veteran’s Day)

Who was the very 1st “SNL” cast member to say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!”?
Rodney: Chevy Chase
America’s longest interstate I-90 goes from Seattle through 13 states & ends in what city?
Nate: NYC (A: Boston)

In 1998 People launched a Spanish-language version after an issue feat. what late singer sold out?
Rodney: Selena


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 4/4

P: Emanuel (HS history teacher in the South Bronx from Passaic, NJ), Sarah (professional competitive eater in Olympia), James (man orig. from PHI who recently finished graduate school), Justine (Vista), Alex (client success mgr), Elizabeth (security guard in SAC), Tiffany (registered architect in Clayton, DE) & Nick (registered behavioral tech in Central City, KY)

What cartoon bird said “Beep, beep!” while trying to escape Wile E. Coyote?
Emanuel: Roadrunner
Acc. to the popular idiom if you search for something that’s hard to find you’re looking for a needle in a what?
Sarah: Haystack BANK
What co. has a fleet of 27-ft-long frankfurters on wheels called Wienermobiles?
James: Oscar Mayer
What A word’s the nut that turns into an oak tree?
Justine: Almond (A: Acorn)
“Ohio!” or “Oklahoma!”: which was a Broadway musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein?
Alex: “Oklahoma!”
In what MATTEL card game do you shout the name of the game when you only have 1 card left?
Elizabeth: UNO
In the original SUPERMAN comic books Clark Kent & Lois Lane worked at what fictional newspaper?
Tiffany: The Sunday Times (A: Daily Planet)
Crispy potato pancakes called latkes are traditionally served during what Jewish holiday?
Nick: Hanukkah
In a Jules Verne novel Phileas Fogg bet that he could circumnavigate the globe in how many days?
Emanuel: 180
In ’08 Destiny Hope Cyrus legally changed her 1st name to what?
Sarah: MileyBANK
Over 200M copies have been sold of what adventure game where everything’s pixelated?
James: “Clue” (A: “Minecraft”)
What openly gay knighted British actor needed a beard to play the wizard Gandalf in 6 movies?
Justine: James Gandalf (A: Sir Ian McKellen)
What long-running morning show’s currently co-hosted by Hoda Kotb?
Alex: “TODAY”
The islands of Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard are part of which U.S. state?
Elizabeth: NC
In ads what beer co. declared that its spokesman was “The Most Interesting Man in the World”?
Tiffany: Dos EquisBANK
No time for: What goofy-looking motorized device did Kevin James ride around on at work in “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”? (A: SEGWAY)

Votes: Justine/Justine/Justine/Nick/Emanuel/Emanuel/Justine/Justine

Since 1959 what children’s cereal brand has used a “silly rabbit” as its mascot?
Sarah: Trix
The Kennedy Space Center’s located in which state?
Mick Jagger still fronts what ageless rock band?
Alex: Rolling Stones
How many stars are on the current U.S. flag?
Elizabeth: 50BANK
Back in ’09 Pauly D & The Situation gymmed, tanned & laundered on what reality show?
Tiffany: “Shore Life”
The pooches on your screen are participating in what world-famous event?
Nick: Sledding (A: Iditarod)
“Munsters” or “Addams Family”: which would most likely be sold in a cheese shop?
Emanuel: “Munsters”
Louis Marx & Co. created what plastic kids’ bicycle whose name highlights its large front tire?
Sarah: Big WheelBANK
When Steve Carell got his chest waxed in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” he shouted the name of what celeb?
James: Britney Spears (A: Kelly Clarkson)
Habitrail primarily markets products for what solitary rodent that’s similar to a gerbil?
Alex: Gopher (A: Hamster)
The 2 celebs on your screen both have what last name?
Elizabeth: Simmons BANK
What K word is a brown algae that forms fast-growing underwater forests?
Tiffany: KelpBANK
In “Old Town Road” what brand of jeans did Lil Nas X say were on his booty?
Nick: Blue (A: Wrangler)
What dark rye bread’s name came from German & roughly means “devil’s fart”?
Emanuel: PumpernickelBANK
No time for: The wealthiest monarch in the world’s the king of what Southeast Asian country? (A: Thailand)

Votes: Alex/Tiffany/Tiffany/Nick/Tiffany/Alex/Tiffany

Bruce Wayne wore a body-hugging unitard to fight crime as what superhero?
Sarah: “BATMAN”
“Legend” by Bob Marley and the Wailers was the bestselling album of all time in what musical genre?
James: ReggaeBANK
Starsky or Hutch: which is a pen to keep rabbits in?
Alex: HutchBANK
What MLB team’s name means “beer makers”?
Elizabeth: Red Sox
Launched in ’04 what popular travel search engine’s spelled the same forwards & backwards?
Nick: Kayak
This is a childhood photo of what singer?
Emanuel: Justin Timberlake
Someone who’s doing something extremely easy is said to be shooting what in a barrel?
Sarah: FishBANK
What was the 1st Dick Wolf-created show to start w/ the voiceover “In the criminal justice system”?
James: “Inspector Gadget”
If you have too much junk in your trunk you can drop it off w/ what co. that’s the nation’s largest renter of spaces?
Alex: U-HAUL (A: Public Storage)
Cream or Sugar: which was a classic rock band feat. Eric Clapton?
Elizabeth: Cream– BANK
This village’s situated on one of the many islands of what Mediterranean country?
Nick: Greece
Invented by Elwood Baker what 2-person card game has 2 types of liquor in its name?
Emanuel: X (A: Gin Rummy)
The hardest nut in the world to crack as well as the most expensive is what Hawaiian export?
Sarah: Macadamia BANK

Votes: Alex/Elizabeth/Elizabeth/Emanuel/Nick/Elizabeth

In ’96 Tyra became the 1st African-American to appear on the cover of what magazine’s swimsuit edition?
Sarah: Sports Illustrated
Bed or breakfast: which should Jewish people forgo during Yom Kippur?
James: BreakfastBANK
This pup ink pink appeared in what ’01 comedy movie?
Alex: “Legally Blonde” BANK
Jason Sudekis described the main character of what TV show as “Mr. Rogers meets John Wooden”?
Nick: “Hoosiers” (A: “Ted Lasso”)
What brand of spicy rolled tortilla chips comes in flavors incl. Nitro, Blue Heat & Fuego?
Emanuel: TakisBANK
What L word’s printed on the face of every currently minted U.S. penny, nickel, dime & quarter?
Sarah: LibertyBANK
At the 2021 OSCARS what actress danced her fanny off to the song “Da Butt”?
James: Cardi B (A: Glenn Close)
What country’s the birthplace of Rafael Nadal?
Alex: Sweden (A: Spain)
Are the clingy thingies on your screen stalactites or stalagmites?
Nick: Stalagmites
What popular ice cream brand started in the Bronx but made up a fancy name so it would sound Danish?
Emanuel: Haagen-Dazs
“All I Wanna Do” is ask you what singer had a hit album in the ’90s titled “Tuesday Night Music Club”?
Sarah: Janet Jackson
The Murray & the Jasper are 2 of the many recliners made by what 94-yr-old furniture co.?
No time for: Pip or squeak- which’s the term for a dot on a domino?

Votes: Alex/Nick/Alex/Nick/Alex

What brand of paper towel calls itself “The quicker picker upper”?
Emanuel: Bounty
Tom or Jerry: which’s a term for a male turkey?
Sarah: Jerry
This famous flex is the bulging bicep of what iconic fictional worker?
James: X (A: Rosie the Riveter)
Lisa Vanderpump starred in the Beverly Hills edition of what reality TV franchise?
Nick: “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”
What does the E stand for in FEMA?
Emanuel: EmergencyBANK
In the movie “There Will Be Blood” Daniel Day-Lewis barked the iconic line “I drink your…” what?
Sarah: “…truth” (A: “…milkshake”)
The Biden family canine Major is what breed of dog?
James: German shepherd
Inventor Charles Goodyear patented the vulcanization of what substance used in tires?
Nick Rubber
Which of the 4 main stars of “I Love Lucy” isn’t pictured here?
Emanuel: Ricky RicardoBANK
What Grammy-winning song for Whitney Houston was written nearly 20yrs ago by Dolly Parton?
Sarah: “And I Will Always Love You”
Manoj is the actual 1st name of what OSCAR-nominated Indian-American filmmaker?
James: M. Night ShyamalanBANK
No time for: The name of what U.S. state capital city translates to English as “holy faith”? (A: Santa Fe)

Votes: Sarah/James/Sarah/Sarah

Lady Gaga affectionately refers to her fans as Little what?
Emanuel: MonstersBANK
In what Hasbro board game do you try to keep your rodent from getting incarcerated?
James: MousetrapBANK
The Broadway musical “Man of La Mancha” was inspired by what 17th C. novel?
Nick: Romeo and Juliet (A: Don Quixote)
Julius Caesar’s storied quote “Veni, vidi, vici” was most commonly translated as “I came, I saw, I…” what?
Emanuel: “…conquered”BANK
What civil rights leader popularized the phrase “black power” & eventually changed his name to Kwame Ture?
James: Malcolm X (A: Stokely Carmichael)
If Tom Hanks adopted a Manx he would have a tailless breed of what animal?
Nick: Rat (A: Cat)
In what British sci-fi series was the main character a Time Lord who traveled in a TARDIS?
Emanuel: X (A: “Dr. Who”)
What candy brand’s color distribution’s approx. 25% brown, 25% yellow & 50% orange?
James: Reese’s peanut butter cups
What tiny island nation earns millions of dollars a yr by licensing its 2-letter internet domain .tv?
Nick: Jamaica (A: Tuvalu)(Final bank: $62.5K)

Votes: James/Emanuel/James


The tiniest member of what bird family can beat its wings up to 80 times per second?
Emanuel: Hummingbird
In 1921 what iconic French designer launched her famous No. 5 perfume?
Nick: Marilyn Monroe

What city has an international airport named for jazz legend Louis Armstrong?
Emanuel: New Orleans
How many women currently sit on the U.S. Supreme Court?
Nick: 3

Born Eric Bishop what OSCAR winner chose his gender-neutral stage name after noticing that women got picked to perform earlier at comedy clubs?
Emanuel: Dana Carvey (A: Jamie Foxx)
Of the American Presidents currently pictured on U.S. paper money who served most recently?
Nick: Grant

Millard & Linda Fuller founded what charity in 1976 which built its 1st home in San Antonio?
Emanuel: Habitat for Humanity
What snack brand has a container so iconic its designer had some of his ashes buried in one?
Nick: Cracker Jack (A: Pringles)

Who has won a record 14 Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Game Show Host?
Emanuel: Bob Barker


"Weakest Link"

“Weakest Link” 4/3

P: Bruce (former radio DJ in Tacoma), Jeff (food critic in Fountain Valley, CA), Coriann (marriage & family therapist in Rancho San Margarita), Drew (sales mgr in Burbank), Rachel (babysitting co. owner in DET), Jaya (twitch streamer in Bowie, MD), Christina (space clearing & Feng Shui practitioner in Palm Harbor, FL) & Ian (airline baggage handler in DEN)

In “Hey, Diddle, Diddle” what did the cow jump over?
Bruce: Moon
What does the I stand for in CIA?
Jeff: IntelligenceBANK
If Adam Driver were driving in the U.K. which side of the street would he be driving on?
Coriann: Left
In English what are the huevos in huevos rancheros?
Drew: EggsBANK
Dot dot dot, dash, dash dash, dot, dot, dot is Morse code for what 3-letter distress signal?
Famous boxer or rapper: which one’s A$AP Rocky?
Jaya: Rapper
If you want to flatter me 1990s-style you should say I’m all that & a bag of what?
Christina: Chips
In a series of movies Alvin, Simon & Theodore are a trio of what animated critters?
Ian: Chipmunks
What alcoholic beverage comes in varieties such as Syrah & Pinot Grigio?
Bruce: Red wine (A: Wine)
William Hoover made his fortune off of what John Spangler invention that totally sucked?
Jeff: Vacuum
If you’re whale watching & you see its “fluke” what part of its body did you spot?
Coriann: Hole (A: Tail)
Hugh Laurie played the cynical pill-popping title character on what medical drama?
Drew: “HOUSE”
Beezus or Butthead: which was a character in a Beverly Cleary book?
Rachel: Beavis
Morgan Freeman portrayed God & handed Jim Carrey the keys to the world in what movie?
Jaya: “Bruce Almighty”
Before Vera Wang became a fashion designer she competed as a teen in what Winter sport?
Christina: Skiing (A: Figure skating)
If you could walk a mile in my shoes in 1hr how long would it take to walk a mile & a half?
Ian: 90min
Soba & udon are varieties of what Asian food staple?
Bruce: Noodles
MO is the 2-letter postal abbrev. for what U.S. state?
Jeff: Montana
What kite-surfing British billionaire founded Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Galactic?
Coriann: Bruce Wayne
No time for: In the “SCOOBY-DOO” cartoons the gang drove around in a van named what?

Votes: Coriann/Coriann/Bruce/Coriann/Bruce/Coriann/Bruce/Coriann

If tonight’s the night for a Veggie Delite you can get it at what “Eat fresh” sandwich chain?
In what lullaby did an irresponsible parent put an infant in a treetop cradle?
Christina: X (A: “Rock-a-Bye Baby”)
Cobalt & navy are shades of what primary color?
Ian: Blue
When it’s in the wild what plant on your screen surprisingly eats more ants than any other insect?
Bruce: Venus flytrap
What star of “Kung Fu Panda” is the lead singer of Tenacious D?
Jeff: Jack Black BANK
What tech giant became the 1st American co. to be valued at over $1T?
Drew: facebook (A: Apple)
What type of automobile’s also known as a “ragtop”?
Rachel: Convertible
This Golden State Warrior & this golden powder have what name in common?
Jaya: Curry
Skittles or tittles: which is the term for the dots above a lowercase I or J?
Christina: Tittles
Natasha Romanoff of the Avengers shares her nickname w/ what spider whose females eat their mate?
Ian: Black Widow
By definition how many items are there in a baker’s dozen?
Bruce: 13 BANK
Acc. to “Friday Night Lights” if you have “clear eyes” & “full hearts” you can’t what?
Jeff: Sing (A: Lose)
What ’90s Seattle grunge band released the songs “Jeremy” & “Evenflow”?
Drew: Oasis (A: Pearl Jam)
Anjou & Bartlett are varieties of what fruit?
Rachel: Pear
On what popular virtual gaming platform can you spend Robux to customize your avatar?
Jaya: Roblox BANK
What groundbreaking jazz trumpeter released the albums “Birth of the Cool” & “Kind of Blue”?
Christina: Louis Armstrong (A: Miles Davis)
No time for: Known as the Belle of Amherst what poet wrote “Because I could not stop for death, he kindly stopped for me”? (A: Emily Dickinson)

Votes: Drew/Christina/Christina/Christina/Christina/Rachel/Christina

According to the expression if you hold a grudge against me for now reason you have a chip on your what?
Jaya: Shoulder
What athletic shoe brand introduced the Air Jordan sneaker?
If you interpret it literally what traditional holiday song has my “true love” giving me 184 birds?
Bruce: “Deck the Halls”
This is a closeup of a very sought-after piece of furniture from what TV series?
Jeff: “Game of Thrones”
Drew Pinsky or Monica Lewinsky: who hosted a show that gave advice on relationships?
Drew: Drew PinskyBANK
What brand of licorice famously claimed it “makes mouths happy”?
Rachel: Twizzlers
MATTEL makes up to 6K miles of orange track a yr for what line of toy vehicles?
Jaya: Tonka (A: Hot Wheels)
Whose groundbreaking 1963 speech ended “Thank God Almighty, we are free at last”?
Ian: Martin Luther King, Jr.
What European country’s states incl. Bavaria & Hamburg?
Bruce: Germany
Eli & Peyton Manning have each won 2 Super Bowl rings playing what position?
Jeff: Quarterback BANK
On your screen is a portion of a work painted by what Dutch post-impressionist?
Drew: Vincent van Gogh
Dusty Springfield had a Top 10 single in 1969 titled “Son of a…” what?
Rachel: “…Gun” (A: “…Preacher Man”)
Jaya: If you’re riding the Wolverine you’re on a train route of what national U.S. rail co.?
Jaya: AmtrakBANK
What hot sauce brand’s exclusively bottled in a factory on Louisiana’s Avery Island?
No time for: What comedic actress held the title jobs in the movies “The Boss”, “Spy” & “Ghostbusters”? (A: Melissa McCarthy)

(Note: Ian was wearing a kilt.)

Votes: Jeff/Jaya/Bruce/Bruce/Bruce/Bruce

Acc. to the well-known proverb “A bird in the hand is worth two in the…” what?
Ian: “…bush”
Orange roughy or orange smoothie: which is a type of fish?
Jeff: Orange roughy
This house isn’t quite so full since we removed which of this show’s main stars?
Drew: John Stamos
In what movie did Alyson Hannigan’s character tell a boy about her adventures “one time at band camp”?
Rachel: “American Pie” BANK
What morning show co-host has been gal pals w/ Oprah since they worked together at a Baltimore TV station?
Jaya: Gayle King
It takes a lot of bluster to muster a filibuster, which only happens in what chamber of Congress?
Ian: Senate
In texting what does BTW stand for?
Jeff: By the way
Acc. to Bobby McFerrin’s Grammy-winning hit song “Don’t Worry, Be…” what?
Drew: “…Happy”
Beloved by dads everywhere what brand of khakis was introduced in 1986 by Levi Strauss & Co.?
Rachel: Dockers
What D word does the object on your screen have over 300 of & Mario Lopez famously have 2 of?
Jaya: Dimples
Home to the very 1st STARBUCKS Pike Place Market’s located in what U.S. city?
Ian: SeattleBANK
What “James Bond” actor 1st played Agent 007 in “Casino Royale”?
Jeff: Craig Daniel
What Z word’s the video game princess whom designer Shigeru Miyamoto named for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife?
Drew: “Zelda”
In yoga what energy points in the body got their name from the Sanskrit for “wheel”?
Rachel: ChakraBANK
No time for: What national daily newspaper owned by Gannett has been printed in color since its 1st issue in 1982? (A: USA TODAY)

Votes: Ian/Jeff/Ian/Jeff/Jeff

In a 1965 OSCAR-winning musical Julie Andrews proclaimed “the hills are alive with the sound of…” what?
Rachel: “…Music”
In 1972 Parker Bros. introduced what brand of foam football?
Jaya: NERF
As of 2020 what U.S. state has the most Amish residents?
Martin Sheen played an inconceivably competent President named Josiah Bartlet on what TV drama?
Drew: “West Wing”
What fictional detective famously lived at the London address 221B Baker St.?
Rachel: Sherlock Holmes
This 10-ton granite slab on your screen’s what MA tourist attraction?
Jaya: Plymouth Rock
In SCRABBLE the 2 tiles w/ a face value of 10 are the Q & what other letter?
What Japanese car co. makes the Outback & the Forester?
Drew: Subaru
In 2019 what movie superhero was played by Brie Larson?
Rachel: “Wonder Woman” (A: “Captain Marvel”)
Peggy’s a nickname orig. derived from what English name?
Jaya: Pegasus (A: Margaret)
Since 2014 Felipe VI has been king of what European country?
Ian: Spain
What P word’s the process used by some plants to turn sunlight into chemical energy?
Drew: Pigmentation (A: Photosynthesis)
No answer for: Four Corners & Witches Hot are 2 of the patterns in what game involving letters & numbers? (A: BINGO)

Votes: Rachel/Ian/Ian/Drew- IAN OUT

The state motto of KY is “United we stand, divided we…” what?
Drew: “…fall”
LeBron is now part-owner of what Boston baseball team?
Rachel: Red Sox
In medicine DDS stands for doctor of what kind of surgery?
Jaya: DentistryBANK
The U.S. population census is conducted every how many yrs?
Drew: 5
What Elizabethan playwright wrote “The Comedy of Errors” & “The Winter’s Tale”?
Rachel: Shakespeare
Kristi Yamaguchi earned a gold medal for Team USA in what sport?
Jaya: Skiing (A: Figure skating)
Located in Stars Hollow Luke’s Diner was a regular hangout for the characters on what TV show?
Drew: “One Tree Hill” (A: “Gilmore Girls”)
In what war did Americans fight against an enemy known as the Redcoats?
Rachel: Civil (A: Revolutionary)
“Some animals are more equal than others” was a famous quote from Animal Farm by what author?
Jaya: Kurt Vonnegut (A: George Orwell)
What style of pizza w/ tomato, mozzarella & basil was believed to have been named for an Italian queen?
Drew: Margarita
Jerry Seinfeld hosts “Comedians in Cars Getting…” what?
Rachel: “…Coffee”JAYA DIDN’T BANK
No time for: What American author wrote The World According to Garp & The Cider House Rules? (A: John Irving)(Final bank: $121K- highest so far on this version of the show; they could’ve ran 3 chains)

Votes: Jaya/Drew/Drew


For more than 20yrs tourists have “invaded” what town in NM to attend its UFO Festival?
Rachel: Roswell
Any plane that has the U.S. V-P on board’s known by what official call sign?
Jaya: Air Force Two

What specific variety of green fruit got its name from a chain of FL islands?
Rachel: Key lime
Diana Taurasi’s the all-time leading scorer in what pro sports league?
Jaya: Soccer (A: WNBA)

Founded in 1980 what organization has granted more than 330K life-changing requests to children in the U.S.?
Rachel: Make-a-Wish
The 1st digital-only artwork auctioned off by Christie’s was sold as an NFT which stands for what?
Jaya: Non-Federal Tax Payment (A: Non-Fungible Token)

A soldier named Dan Jose was obsessed w/ a beguiling woman in what opera by Georges Bizet?
Rachel: “Les Miz” (A: “Carmen”)
What type of giant North American tree was believed to have gotten its name from the creator of the Cherokee writing system?
Jaya: Evergreen (A: Sequoia)


"Weakest Link"


What are the rules of Weakest Link? ›

The rules for The Weakest Link are simple: A group of people answer questions in a circle. For each correct answer, the team goes up the totem pole of values they can “bank.” After one correct answer they can bank £250, after two correct answers they can bank £500, and so on.

When did the Weakest Link last air? ›

The network cancelled Weakest Link in 2002 and its final episode aired on July 14, 2002, with ten episodes left unaired.

Is the Weakest Link a repeat? ›

Weakest Link will return to NBC. The network has renewed the series hosted by Jane Lynch, based on the British game show, for a bumper third season. The second season, which launched in March, consisted of 13 episodes and the third season will feature 20 episodes.

Who won Weakest Link last night? ›

The owner of a babysitting company took home a whopping $121,000 on “Weakest Link” airing on NBC on Sunday, April 3. “I'm Rachel from Detroit, Michigan, and I own a babysitting company,” the Michigan contestant introduced herself to host Jane Lynch and her seven opponents.

What is the point of banking in the weakest link? ›

The key to success in "The Weakest Link" is to bank at the right times. Don't bank often enough and the risk becomes to high; bank too often, and the rewards are limited. It is the same in strategy execution. Lesson 1: Bank often to reduce risk.

Why do you say bank in Weakest Link? ›

An incorrect answer breaks the chain and loses all the money accumulated up to that point; however, a contestant can say "bank" prior to their question being asked, the accumulated money is stored, and the chain resets to zero.

Is Weakest Link coming back 2022? ›

– August, 1, 2022 – NBC has renewed the international smash hit game show “Weakest Link” for a third season, co-produced by BBC Studios Los Angeles Productions and Universal Television Alternative Studio, a division of Universal Studio Group.

How many episodes of Weakest Link 2022 are there? ›

The reboot's upcoming run will consist of 20 episodes versus the second season's 13 count. Jane Lynch will return to host and executive-produce the program, which is based on BBC Studios' iconic British quiz show. Production on Season 3 is slated to begin this fall.

Where can I watch the oldest Weakest Link? ›

Weakest Link (2001 - 2022)

Weakest Link featuring Anne Robinson and George Gray has one or more episodes streaming with subscription on Hulu, streaming with subscription on Peacock Premium, streaming with subscription on fuboTV, and 6 others. It's a game show and reality show with 215 episodes over 5 seasons.

What is Weakest Link meaning? ›

Definition of weakest link

: the least strong or successful part the weakest link in a computer network.

Did they cancel the weakest link? ›

Subscribe for free alerts on Weakest Link cancellation or renewal news. 8/3/22 update: Weakest Link has been renewed for a third season on NBC.

How tall is Anne Robinson? ›

What's the most money won on a game show? ›

Ken Jennings is the highest-earning American game show contestant of all time, having accumulated a total of $5,223,414. He took the record back from Brad Rutter as the highest-earning contestant (a record Rutter had held since 2014) by virtue of his victory on January 14, 2020, in the Jeopardy!

Who is the voice on Weakest Link 2021? ›

In June 2021, a 12-episode primetime revival with celebrity contestants and Romesh Ranganathan as host was announced.

What is the most money won on The Weakest Link UK? ›

The highest prize ever won on the civilian daytime version was £5,420. The lowest was £750. The penultimate episode, a Quiz Champions edition in 2012, played to the regular rules and raised £7,750.

How do you beat the weakest link? ›

The contestants are alternately asked a series of five questions each. The player who correctly answers the most wins the money accumulated in the game. If there is a draw, the game continues to sudden death, where the first to answer a question correctly over their opponent's incorrect answer wins.

Where is Weakest Link filmed? ›

The show, a BBC Studios Entertainment production, will return to BBC One with 12 episodes of 45 minutes each, filmed in Glasgow, Scotland.

What night is the weakest link on TV? ›

“Weakest Link” Season 2 premieres on NBC on Sunday, March 13 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. You can also watch it on Peacock or on FuboTV live.

Will the weakest link return for season 3? ›

NBC has renewed the Jane Lynch-hosted game show “Weakest Link” for a third season. Season 3 will run for 20 episodes. Each episode sees eight contestants enter the studio as strangers and work together to bank the maximum amount of prize money available in each round.

How old is Anne Robinson? ›

Who was the first MC on The Weakest Link? ›

Anne Robinson was the original host for both Weakest Link and The Weakest Link, where she quizzed contestants against each other with a variety of general knowledge questions in hope to take home the prize money. Anne Robinson was known for making the show as iconic as it is today.

Is The Weakest Link on Hulu? ›

Watch Weakest Link Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Where can I watch The Weakest Link 2021? ›

Weakest Link, a game show series is available to stream now. Watch it on NBC, USA Network, Telemundo, SYFY, Bravo, OXYGEN, E!, Hulu, Peacock TV or Spectrum TV on your Roku device.

Who said the quote you are only as strong as your weakest link? ›

First appeared in Thomas Reid's “Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man,” published in 1786; the full idiom “a chain is no stronger than its weakest link” was first printed in Cornhill Magazine in 1868.

What is only as strong as its weakest link? ›

Possible meaning: If one link in a chain is weak, and all the other links are strong, the whole chain is weak.

What is the proverb of a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? ›

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link means that a group or organization is only as strong as the weakest or least powerful person. This means that success of the entire group depends upon the success of each individual member of the group.

Is La Brea returning? ›

Yes, we have a trailer! And it looks like Season 2 is gearing up to be just as heart-pumping as the last. We even spot a couple new characters and Gavin, Izzy, and Ella in 10,000 B.C. Prepare to fall even deeper into the mysteries of #LaBrea.

Is Ann Robinson leaving Countdown? ›

Back in May 2022, Channel 4 announced Colin Murray as Anne Robinson's temporary replacement on Countdown, with the broadcaster hosting the show throughout the rest of the year.

How did Anne Robinson make her money? ›

Anne Robinson is an English television presenter and journalist, known for her acerbic style of presenting. She was one of the presenters on the long-running British series Watchdog from 1993 to 2001 and 2009 to 2015. What is this? As of September 2022, Anne Robinson's net worth is estimated to be $45 Million.

What's happened to Anne Robinson? ›

Robinson announced her departure from the series in May, stating that she'd had a “blast” but had stayed “longer than [she] signed up for”. She said it was time for an “older woman to take the reins”. "I have grandchildren, a large garden and a home in New York, all deserving more of my attention," she said.

What does Weakest Link mean slang? ›

the person who is making the least contribution to the collective achievement of a group. See full dictionary entry for weakest link.

What does it mean you are strong as your Weakest Link? ›

A Chain is As Strong As The Weakest Link Meaning

This idiom is used to express that a group can only be as successful as its least successful or powerful person. The success of the entire group depends on the success of each individual member of the group. If one person fails, the whole group fails.

What is the weakest link in cybersecurity? ›

Your employees are the weakest link in your cybersecurity chain.

Why does Human considered as Weakest Link in a security chain? ›

People are error prone because no clear solution exists. People will make the same mistake multiple times because they are unpredictable. At the core, the inability to find a way to prevent people from making the same mistake more than once makes them the weakest link in the chain.

What makes someone a weak link? ›

COMMON If you describe someone or something as a weak link or a weak link in the chain, you mean that they are an unreliable part of a system or member of a group, and because of them the whole system or group may fail. It was automatically assumed that Edward would be the weak link in the partnership.

What is a sneaky link meaning? ›

Sneaky link means someone you're secretly having sex with. The term is especially popular with kids on TikTok!

What does the word weakest mean? ›

adjective, weak·er, weak·est. not strong; liable to yield, break, or collapse under pressure or strain; fragile; frail: a weak fortress; a weak spot in armor. lacking in bodily strength or healthy vigor, as from age or sickness; feeble; infirm: a weak old man; weak eyes.

What is the proverb of a chain is only as strong as its weakest link? ›

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link means that a group or organization is only as strong as the weakest or least powerful person. This means that success of the entire group depends upon the success of each individual member of the group.

Which methodology uses the common idiom A chain is no stronger than its weakest link? ›

For example, the theory of constraints (TOC) adopts the common idiom "A chain is no stronger than its weakest link" as a new management paradigm. This means that processes, organizations, etc., are vulnerable because the weakest person or part can always damage or break them or at least adversely affect the outcome.

How do you spell weakest link? ›

Weakest link.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/weakest%20link.

What is the weakest link in the security onion? ›

Layer 1 – Security Culture

The weakest link of many organisations are their users. Security is a team sport and all employees, partners, and other users must contribute by staying aware and taking care of organisation data and resources.

What's the most unpredictable cyber security factor? ›

End-user education addresses the most unpredictable cyber-security factor: people. Anyone can accidentally introduce a virus to an otherwise secure system by failing to follow good security practices.

What is the weakest link in cybersecurity Mcq? ›

What is the weakest link in cybersecurity? A. Weak encryption.

Why are humans still the weakest link despite security training and resource? ›

Why are humans still the weakest link despite security training and resources? Threat actors spend their days thinking of new ways to exploit human vulnerabilities and are rewarded for their innovation. Average people do not spend all their time thinking about security and may feel powerless in preventing attacks.

What is the weakest link in a system using strategic and intuitive thinking? ›

Using strategic thinking, security practitioners ply a "good risk analysis" of the available data in order to identify and address the most serious risk or problem, which is the weakest link.

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